Growth Hacks: What’s New in NorthStar — Q2’2019

Growth Hacks: What’s New in NorthStar — Q2’2019

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What’s New in NorthStar — Q2’2019

What’s New in NorthStar — Q2’2019

Although our team is constantly working hard to improve NorthStar and make it the best growth hacking management tool in the market, we have not been up to date communicating all that progress with companies and users who are not NorthStar customers yet.

I’m making a public commitment to change that and, at least on a quarterly basis, starting right now!

Global View

This has been requested multiple times by a lot of NorthStar users, the ability to keep track of multiple products and projects at once.
There are a lot of different cases scenarios who would like to have a more holistic view of what is going on in each growth project they are a part of. For example:
(a) Enterprise companies with multiple products and growth teams;
(b) Agencies and Consultancies with multiple customers;
(c) Accelerators and Incubators running growth for multiple startups;
(d) Venture Capital firms providing growth orientation to their portfólio;

Well, to provide a better and easier way to manage multiple growth projects at once, we came up with the Global View:

Now every growth master can have a global view of everything that is going on in each of its initiatives, during a specific customizable time period. Infos like:

  • Account Status;
  • Ideas suggested;
  • Tests Started;
  • Learnings Acquired;
  • Team Interactions;


There are two major types of integration currently available on NorthStar. We named them PUSH and PULL integrations.

PUSH: allow growth teams to effectively communicate with other areas of their organization. Most of the connections are with project management tools so, let’s say that, in order to execute a test you need something from your marketing team and they are using Trello. This integration allows you to PUSH a card directly from NorthStar to a Trello board and communicate with the marketing team without ever leaving NorthStar.
The same applies to JIRA, Asana, and others….

PULL: allow growth teams to effectively gather data from their tests and automatically populate it inside of a card — releasing the team from collecting data somewhere else and inserting that into the test result.
Let’s say you are running an A/B test on Google Optimize for example. You can simply select the events you want to track inside of a card and, once that’s done, all the data will be automatically populated into a card and you can simply add your conclusions (qualitative part) and move that test into your learnings.

The biggest announcement for this quarter is the brand new (most requested) Segment Integration.

This integration will allow growth teams that choose the events that best validate the hypothesis from a list of all events previously mapped on Segment and wait for the deadline of that test. Once the time comes, simply add the conclusions and move the test into the learnings: all the data will already be automatically updated into that card — no manual input required.

Check it out:

  1. Click on Segment at the bottom of that card;

2. Select which events you want to map;

3. Run your experiments and wait for the results to come (the data will be automatically available inside of your card)

4. Once your deadline for the experiments approaches, you can analyze the results, conclude if that worked or not, add the lessons you’ve learned and, ultimately, acquire new learning to your knowledge base:

UI, UX, and other Improvements

  1. Now if you export your backlog of ideas they will also come with the TAGS;
  2. You can now see a card’s key in the Workflow and Learnings views.
  3. Notification emails for when an idea is assigned to you now have a lot more info about the idea, including its description, ICE score, status, comments and more.
  4. Add a new “Update Now” feature on North Star Metric view. Now you can update your metrics anytime.
  5. We improved the Calendar view. Now it’s easier to see what experiments are coming Up Next
  6. Add a “List View” for nominated ideas on Growth Meeting

We got big hairy audacious and ambitious plans for next quarter already, but if you feel like we are missing something or you’ve got a suggestion about how we can do better, we’d love to hear from you: [email protected]

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