Growth Hacks: Top5 — How to Manage +70 Pieces of Content/Mo and Still Save Time

Growth Hacks: Top5 — How to Manage +70 Pieces of Content/Mo and Still Save Time

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Top5 — How to Manage +70 Pieces of Content/Mo and Still Save Time

Top 5 — How to Manage +70 Pieces of Content/Mo and Still Save Time

We live in a world where data is so abundant that we can find information on anything we want from different sources within just a few seconds. While this represents an incredible autonomy to the user, it is also where a key problem arises: with companies constantly competing for attention, who should you trust in?

This is where Top 5 enters the game. They help their readers in the delicate process of decision-making, presenting them trustworthy reviews with consistent pros and cons of about anything you could possibly think of, from beauty products to home design to planning your best vacation. All articles are written by a team of experts to offer their visitors an easy reading experience.

One of the pillars holding this incredible source is Lou Liebau, responsible for managing the whole production process paired with her team and guaranteeing all deadlines will be met in her editorial calendar that consists of over .

It is a lot of reading (and work!) for a single person to take care of, as you can imagine. But how does she manage to make sure everything will fall into place without going crazy (we assure you her mental stability is just fine)?

Well, it was not always like this, but now she has Workflow to back her up. Keep with us to understand how.

“I do rely on Workflow so much,” said Lou Liebau

Lou’s work-life BW (Before Workflow)

We don’t mean to be rude, but even though Lou made all the efforts she could, prior to our help her days at the office were a bit of a mess, with emails coming from and going to anywhere, flooding her inbox hour after hour.

Before Workflow, all her +10 in-house and freelance writers would email her with ideas for approval. This was not only difficult to track, but also to keep the following steps running in an organized, linear way. Besides that, she would have to either approve or reject suggestions one by one, which used to take a lot of quality on operations, and this was just one of the several tasks she had to manually do.

After one idea was approved for production, writers would email Lou whenever they had a new draft finished on WordPress so that she could read and take notes. Her comments, you wonder, were also done through email for each content and the thread would remain open until the article was ready to be published.

It was all sort of counter-intuitive and time-consuming. Especially because Lou has two other people (the social media associates and the editor) besides her that would need to know when any piece was ready. Therefore, to connect it all she used to use this fancy spreadsheet containing all titles under production and then she would change the status indicating each one of the steps the content were in and ask both of them (guess what? Via email!) to check the file in order to know when something was ready for them. Exhausting it was.

A light at the end of the tunnel

“Before I met Workflow I was trying really hard to find another solution that could do something like you do and I could not. I mean, there are others, but they are not really marketing focused, they are more tasks managing platforms, ” said Lou Liebau

After all features of the platform were set according to Lou’s working reality with the help of our CX team during the onboarding process, she had a tool that was tailored to her needs and would help her integrate her whole team and skip most of her manual tasks to save some precious time.

For her personally, one of the best features Workflow offers is the possibility to pitch ideas directly into the platform, so that she could say goodbye for her email-centered life. But this is only the tip of the iceberg compared to everything she’s now able to do, it also makes the whole approval and starting production processes easier, which allows Lou to work in bulk actions.

Another important element for her is the workflow catered to all the many production steps each article for the Top 5 website must go through. That makes it easier for Lou to organize her publishing calendar and track exactly where each piece of content is, under whose responsibility, and what will happen next without her needing to fill in a spreadsheet or email anyone to remind they have actions to make. Our platform does it for her!

This is powered by the chance to make comments on any piece of content that is under production. If anything happens in between the workflow, the whole team is connected and can be easily reached with a simple message that becomes a thread to discuss all actions needed until it is done.

“The fact that it is connected to a specific article is great because besides emailing or having spreadsheets there’s no way to comment on specific articles, as WordPress doesn’t allow you to,” said Lou Liebau

Even better, you can highlight any section of the text and live remarks on that specific part to help your team members easily act on what is needed, without wasting time looking for it throughout the text.

Workflow comment feature | Font: Workflow platform

The social scheduling feature connected to the CMS is also a big thing for Lou. The possibility of scheduling social media posts before the article actually goes live on the blog is key for her. This is very helpful because she can concentrate her efforts on the task all at once without needing to get back to this later on or, even worse, forgetting to distribute one of the pieces.

Top 5’s social scheduling | Font: Workflow platform

Notable outcomes

Lou is the only one doing the overall managing and although the editor has a secondary control to run some changes on the articles, she is the one that approves all pieces and includes new ones into production.

Now that she has Workflow, she can invest more time reading and searching for information and as a result, she is able to publish even more quality content on Top 5’s website every month and make sure her whole team, wherever they are, is collaborating with each other and pointing together to the same direction. All the hours Lou and her team are able to save weekly with our tool can be translated into a lot more productivity and quality in their work.

What about you? Do you also want to scale your production, connect your whole team to work together in a multitask environment and stop wasting time on manual actions that won’t do anything for the sake of your work?

Then request a demo right now and have a chat with one of our specialists that will help you find the best option we have to suit your needs.

Originally published at on January 22, 2019.

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