Growth Hacks: The GrowthHackers leadership guide

Growth Hacks: The GrowthHackers leadership guide

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The GrowthHackers leadership guide

As Apple’s former VP of Marketing and celebrated Silicon Valley business coach Bill Campbell used to say:

Your title makes you a manager, your people make you a leader.

In a world where the tenure of a CMO at enterprise companies averages about 18 months, rewiring operating models for growth is one of the secret weapons of a pioneering marketer. And I believe it starts from within.

Marketing and GrowthHacking used to be about lone wolves, creative hackers, the ones seeking viral results and making a lot of noise. Now the fastest-growing companies show us how their approach is much more process-oriented and their marketing is built by engineers who prioritize team collaboration, integrations and intelligence. Marketing, Product and Growth teams are larger and more complex than ever before, with in-house and remote members, multiple agencies and more channels to cover and excel in every year. Motivation becomes a key-driver for success.

The more prepared leaders are, the more results a team can achieve. To develop and train our team leaders at GrowthHackers (also previously at Contentools), I’ve developed a concise leadership guide visiting each of the most contagious behaviors of great leaders, one by one.

Hearing about the existence of this guide, a few founders and marketers started to request access to this material, to the point I thought it could be interesting to share it publicly. After all, helping teams become more productive is part of our mission — and who better to improve teams than their leaders?

What makes you a leader

  • You’re a leader when people look up to you.
  • You’re a leader if you’re responsible for not only your own performance, but for that of others too.
  • You’re a leader once your actions don’t simply reflect on yourself, but on a group of people as well.

At GrowthHackers, we have more leaders than teams. Part of our leaders are called team leaders and earn the responsibility of responding for a group of people, a set of OKRs, KPIs and deliverables before the whole team (not just before the board or the CEO). Here we understand development as a journey, a never-ending ride. Being a leader too is a work in progress, always evolving, never ending.

And what exactly should we be developing then? Since the world changes based on our actions and not based on our opinions, we should start with our behavior.

According to researchers from Harvard Business School, the most contagious behaviors from top leaders are:

  1. Developing oneself and others
  2. Technical skills
  3. Strategy skills
  4. Consideration and cooperation
  5. Integrity and honesty
  6. Global perspective
  7. Decisiveness
  8. Result focus

If you’re interested in developing yourself and your team in each one of these areas, download the full guide here.

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