Growth Hacks: STAYHOME — A GrowthHelpers memo to all businesses.

Growth Hacks: STAYHOME — A GrowthHelpers memo to all businesses.

Ready to Hack Growth?

STAYHOME — A GrowthHelpers memo to all businesses.

STAYHOME — A GrowthHelpers memo to all professionals and businesses.

A most simple definition of a community that I could find is: “a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common”.
In our case, this place is and the characteristic in common is the restless pursuit of validating the unknown with a clear goal of creating value by uncovering growth opportunities through the methodology of constant testing and validations with data.

In the face of a crisis like the one we’ve been dealing with, our mission to help professionals and business out has not changed but how we deliver our value must adapt. With that in mind, I have been working non-stop to adapt ourselves to this new reality and help others do the same. Here’s what we’ve been cooking:


We created a new #COVID-19 in our community, which already gathers +200 content produced and shared by and to community members related to the crisis from a business perspective. Topics vary from social media, live data and resources, remote management, sales, and SDR adjustments, agency crisis management and a lot more including from articles, infographics, videos, ebooks.


A lot of us are taking this time as an opportunity to learn and be even more prepared for the work environment once we are back to the (new) normal. To help our members in the mission to a more qualified professional curriculum, our growth university is offering a 50% discount in all courses using the coupon: STAYHOME

Growth Master Certification Course by Sean Ellis
2019 GrowtHHackers Conference (Keynotes from LinkedIn, Microsoft, IBM, Box, Instacart, and more)
All Conferences Full Virtual Pass (Bundle with 2017, 2018 and 2019 lectures, keynotes and panels)


All of our software solutions are offering exclusive discounts — talk to your sales consultant and let’s find the best way out. Pricing shouldn’t be a barrier stopping you from growing right now:

  • /Experiments: growth management platform for growth teams;
  • /Workflow: content marketing management for content teams;
  • /Insights: turn your Google Analytics data into daily insights;


Although the unemployment rate is at an all times-high, there is still plenty of space for growth professionals. To increase our reach and consequently increase the job opportunities available for our members, we’ve partnered with Jobbio to bring you a brand new job board.
Now more than +6k companies, based all around the globe are offering positions in our board, from junior to senior, from product and marketing to science and development.
The same is true for companies that are hiring — expose yourself in front of >500k strongly qualified professionals in our field.

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