Growth Hacks: LA Hacks 2021 — Virtual Hackathon for Student Developers

Growth Hacks: LA Hacks 2021 — Virtual Hackathon for Student Developers

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LA Hacks 2021 — Virtual Hackathon for Student Developers

LA Hacks 2021 — Virtual Hackathon for Student Developers

LA Hacks 2021 Closing Soon

What is LA Hacks?

LA Hacks is a group of undergraduate students at UCLA that organize the largest student-run hackathon in Southern California. Their event brings together over a thousand hackers each year to create innovative solutions to modern problems.

LA Hacks 2021 will be their ninth annual event but first week-long virtual hackathon, running March 21–28, 2021. Historically, LA Hacks has been a 36-hour event. However, their new week-long format gives attendees accessibility and the flexibility to not only create quality projects but also further interact with other hackers, mentors, and our sponsors.

They strive to provide a welcoming space for students of all majors, ethnicities, gender identities, and backgrounds. With this in mind, they aim to create an environment that encourages diversity, collaboration, and learning and that inspires participants to build innovative solutions.

How COVID-19 has impacted our event

Their event is typically hosted at UCLA’s very own Pauley Pavilion. Due to COVID-19, they had to switch our 2020 operations from an in-person hackathon to a virtual one. Despite the challenges, they successfully hosted their first 36-hour virtual hackathon in March 2020 with over 1,200 attendees and 220 project submissions.

What to expect from LA Hacks 2021

Although their event will look a bit different in this virtual format, the core of the hackathon remains the same. Hackers can expect workshops, panels, prizes, and more. There will be opportunities to interact with recruiters from corporate sponsors as well as have fun with organizers and sponsors alike through social events. They have a lot of fun surprises in store!

How to get involved

As a hacker: If you are interested in learning more about the event or participating in it, apply now at The application deadline is Friday, February 19th 11:59PM PST. They welcome high school and college students of any major and background and all experience levels.

As a mentor: they are also looking for mentors to support student developers! Apply here.

How to stay connected

Follow their Facebook page and Instagram @lahacks to stay updated!

Parting Words

The LA Hacks organizers have been working hard the past six months to put together an awesome event for their student developers, and they can’t wait to see all of the incredible projects they submit. Hope to see you there!

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