Growth Hacks: Introducing NorthStar — New Growth Acceleration Software by GrowthHackers

Growth Hacks: Introducing NorthStar — New Growth Acceleration Software by GrowthHackers

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Introducing NorthStar — New Growth Acceleration Software by GrowthHackers


Several years ago a VC friend said to me that he wished I could productize my approach to growing companies. I initially dismissed his comment as unrealistic. But over time I began to get a picture of the type of system that companies would need to drive breakout growth.

While I had received lots of praise for my results as a growth hacker, my more important talent was helping companies create a culture of growth. That is the key to truly breakout growth. No individual growth hacker or even a growth team can outperform a company where everyone is mobilized to accelerate growth.

Kady Srinivasan, Dropbox’s current head of worldwide digital marketing, captured this sentiment perfectly when I interviewed her last month at the GrowthHackers Conference. She explained that what’s unique about Dropbox is that “the entire company takes ownership of growth.” Below is a short video snippit of our conversation.

In fact, Dropbox was largely my prototype for the system I wanted to build. During my six month Interim VP Marketing role that started in 2008, we went from zero growth experiments to a company where the entire team was obsessed with accelerating growth via rapid experimentation.

The path that Dropbox followed has been baked into NorthStar. Keeping a full team in sync around growth is not an easy task. Building the habit in the first place is even harder. NorthStar helps teams achieve both.

During the last year, we worked with teams such as Spotify and Mozilla to optimize functionality that would empower a growth team to increase their learning velocity. But our vision has always been to take it broader than just the growth team.

With NorthStar we move from our previous product, GrowthHackers Projects, which was focused exclusively on the growth team, to NorthStar, which harnesses insights from across the company to accelerate sustainable growth. All existing GrowthHackers Projects customers will be upgraded to the new system at no additional cost.

Implementing NorthStar starts with communicating a shared overall success metric, often referred to as a North Star Metric. A shared success metric with clear high impact objectives helps mobilize the broader team to participate in growth. As team members see winning experiments coming from their peer’s ideas, they become motivated to contribute their own ideas for accelerating growth.

The growth team is still at the heart of the system, but now they are able to harness insights from the broader team and automatically keep key executives informed about progress and overall results.

During our pilots of NorthStar with larger companies, it’s become clear that this system is the glue for driving cross-functional growth acceleration.

For smaller companies, using NorthStar allows them to build the right growth framework as they scale and so we’ve created an affordable option for companies at this stage.

Free for companies less than 20 people

We want to make it possible for early stage startups to take an optimal approach to growth from the beginning so we’re offering NorthStar free for companies with less than 20 total employees.

A company-wide approach to growth is no longer a choice, it’s a requirement for survival in today’s hyper competitive world. We plan to have a short private Beta for NorthStar, and will grant access on a first come, first serve basis. So request access for your company today.

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