Growth Hacks: GoBear’s call for better content management

Growth Hacks: GoBear’s call for better content management

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GoBear’s call for better content management

The need for an effective content management solution such as GrowthHackers Workflow came about as a result of a shift in GoBear’s overall business strategy.

Established in 2015, GoBear is a financial services and technology company based in Singapore. Discover how such a global company managed content production in seven different markets and five different languages in Asia.

Since its inception, the company has served more than 40 million users, delivering service in seven markets in Asia: Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Its mission is to improve customer’s financial health by making financial literacy, financial inclusion, and financial security attainable for everyone.

GrowthHackers Workflow spoke to Pamela Chew, Content Director at GoBear. She is based in Singapore and manages GoBear’s regional content strategy.

What came before: Different content management systems in different markets

Before adopting GrowthHackers Workflow, local content managers for the various markets used whatever management system that seemed convenient for them; the whole process was very subjective and basically depended on what tools a particular manager was used to. This was usually a combination of emails, Microsoft Word documents and Google Documents.

For Chew or anybody in regional Support Centre, it was challenging to track when and how content was being created in any of their local operating markets.

She admits that the situation was far from ideal, especially when something needed to be fixed for SEO, for example. The different content management systems used in the various markets meant that changes would likely be made much later after the article was published.

“All the disadvantages, and all the penalties that accumulate against you from Google, across seven markets… that was really causing us a lot of problems,” Chew says.

She completed saying that it was very difficult to manage and meant that they weren’t as agile as they could be.

The call for a more efficient way of doing things

In the beginning, GrowthHackers Workflow was discovered by GoBear’s regional SEO director, who used it mainly for SEO purposes. The use of GrowthHackers Workflow initially accounted for roughly a third of all the articles created by and for GoBear. Now, the entire content team is onboarded to GrowthHackers Workflow, which is mainly used to generate content for the website’s blog section.

The need for an intuitive, holistic and comprehensive content management solution such as GrowthHackers Workflow came about as a result of a shift in GoBear’s overall business strategy. More content, content management, and content consistency were needed since the company is scaling for growth.

Essentially, previous content creators had to undergo a big change in approach to creating content due to the shift in GoBear’s business model, thus more oversight was needed so the overall content strategy was followed throughout the company and throughout all the seven markets it was in.

“The change in our business strategy meant that the content teams in different markets who were very used to producing articles aimed at the entertainment and education had to really change their way of thinking and really think about content and topics that are very relevant to the products we sell, articles that could persuade customers to make a purchase,” Chew says of the change.

“The only way to kind of supervise and manage and monitor that the content being produced is the right one means that we had to consolidate it, or at least offer a platform that allowed us, everyone, different people — freelancers, content managers, content specialists, business development people, social media guys, people who build backlinks, people who sort out SEO — to all come into one single place, to be able to look at content, (and) fix the problems before it (content) actually went out (and be published),” she adds.

Chew comes from a publishing background, which made her familiar with (often expensive) and “old-school” CMS systems that allowed workflow tracking. She believes that GrowthHackers Workflow provides a “fairly priced” service that helps align GoBear’s strategy and creates better transparency throughout the organization, as well as facilitates enhanced collaboration between stakeholders located across all of GoBear’s operating markets.

“You have people from different markets with very different cultures that ordinarily won’t get to talk to each other start to be inspired by different ideas from different markets,” she says.

Chew further describes GrowthHackers Workflow as flexible, nimble, and powerful, while at the same time being simple to use. One particular notable feature is the software’s ability that allows parent/main accounts and users to easily add basic users (such as freelancers) without the need to contact the IT department to create or remove user privileges — an element that Chew considers as a large help to GoBear’s growth as the company meets its content targets faster and more efficiently.

She says that the old method of content management was simple and worked for a particular content manager’s purposes. But being a startup means that you will always be scaling and people’s roles change in this process. This dynamic makes the old way of subjective content management very difficult to understand and properly transition to new content managers and stakeholders.

GoBear needed GrowthHackers Workflow to better manage content from a regional perspective, especially since it wanted to grow and scale.

Initial pushback and overall positive results

As with all things new in any organization, there has been some hesitation regarding the adoption of GrowthHackers Workflow since everyone was already used to the old ways of doing things. But Chew says once the teams gave the software a go, the feedback was positive.

GrowthHackers Workflow has transformed and simplified GoBear’s content creation and management process and has been instrumental to the company’s growth as it realigns its business strategy.

With the new software, you don’t have multiple versions (of a single content) flying through different channels. According to Chew, a centralized content management system is already considered “common sense” and a “no-brainer” amongst most publishing companies today.

GrowthHackers Workflow is important for Chew to ensure that the content strategy is being executed correctly. At present, 15 people use GrowthHackers Workflow for content production with another 10 who have access to conduct checks.

Before GrowthHackers Workflow, tracking content production was pretty much impossible and articles that were completed and published but were later discovered to be off-topic in terms of overall content strategy would have to be revised or rewritten, which was not the most efficient way of doing things. It also had a negative impact on the relationship between Support Centre in Singapore and local markets. With the aid of GrowthHackers Workflow, such incidents have been eliminated and all stakeholders are constantly aware of each step of the content creation process, improving collaboration and working relationships.

In addition, GrowthHackers Workflow has been a significant contributing factor to GoBear being able to produce more quality content as opposed to putting out more articles — putting out a high volume of content is not GoBear’s strategy, although there is potential for GrowthHackers Workflow to help with that as well in the future.

“The content that we produce is consistently high quality… The system guides us and allows us for checks and guidance in every step in the content creation process,” says Chew.

Given GoBear’s ambitious growth plans, Chew says that GrowthHackers Workflow is great for keeping people on track and that’s really important to them. She adds that the focus GrowthHackers Workflow provides for content management is essential to helping the company scale and grow.

Chew says that they also looked at many other content management tools, but only GrowthHackers Workflow had all the functionality that GoBear was looking for. Even customer service has been prompt and responsive in solving issues. She thinks the team really cares for their customers and that care is demonstrated in their customer service and troubleshooting.

GrowthHackers Workflow enables all the stakeholders involved in creating and optimizing content to be updated and consulted before an article is published. The platform has helped prevent writers and content creators from wasting time and effort in writing articles that weren’t in-line with the overall content strategy of the company.

Looking ahead, 2020 will see GoBear work more closely with GrowthHackers Workflow for their new blog design and customized Drupal system. Once the integration is complete, GoBear plans to massively expand GrowthHackers Workflow use to create and manage content for different pages and sections of the GoBear website, including content for social media.

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