Growth Hacks: Digital Marketing Agency Hubify sees 2200% Growth in Projects Using Workflow

Growth Hacks: Digital Marketing Agency Hubify sees 2200% Growth in Projects Using Workflow

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Digital Marketing Agency Hubify sees 2200% Growth in Projects Using Workflow

Hubify is a digital performance marketing agency connecting businesses with their main marketing channels. They help entrepreneurs to have more visibility on the internet and improve their key results. The agency has previously relied on a CMP to centralize its content operation but found the platform didn’t meet their expectations. Hubify turned to Workflow for its all-in-one capability to simplify its content creation and management processes. Since then, has increased in 2200% the number of projects they manage.

Connecting Businesses with Their Main Marketing Channels

More and more brands around the world are shifting to digital or combining their online and offline strategies to achieve better results with their marketing campaigns.

In Brazil, where corporate digitalization is still under development, Hubify is helping companies to make better use of their marketing channels: facilitating digital interactions, boosting brand awareness, driving user traffic, and increasing sales.

Founded in 2016 by Caio Sigaki and Fabio Melo Duran, their history started a couple of years before. In 2011, the startup Elefante Verde was founded. Its purpose was to democratize digital marketing for self-employed workers and micro-enterprises. As the company started to grow and develop more expertise, they knew it was time to embrace bigger challenges. And that’s when they decided to found Hubify.

Hubify’s banner featuring their team.

The Brazilian-based performance marketing agency provides customers personalized digital marketing strategies based on their clients’ needs. With deep experience across a range of services, their team offers a scope of services that include social media, e-commerce and website updates, SEO, listings, content marketing, email marketing, inbound marketing, marketing automation, and ads.

“Marketing without strategy is not marketing. Believing that there is a formula that works for every company or that you can run campaigns without understanding the context of your customers and industry is like betting your money in a casino in Las Vegas,” says Fabio Duran, CEO, and co-founder of Hubify. “In other words, it is important for companies to be strategic when developing their campaigns so they become protagonists of the results. Otherwise, good or bad, the results will happen by chance.”

To level up their strategies and provide the best service to their customers, they knew they would need a reliable content marketing platform (CMP) capable of following them in each step of their internal processes.

The founders had previously used a CMP but they found it costly and didn’t fulfill their needs

“There was a partnership program that soon was no longer partnership,” remembers Fabio.

Complete Platform, Better Processes

Fabio evaluated different solutions but opted for Workflow by GrowthHackers because of the software’s objectivity. With one single platform, they would be capable of managing their entire content production process, and also gained access to a large base of certificated and trained writers.

Gradually, they started the migration to Workflow. With the support of the GrowthHackers team, they would receive instructions and training sessions until everyone felt comfortable with the new platform and fully capable of leveraging all the functionalities it offers. Today, Fabio’s team uses the tool in every step of their content creation processes.

With Workflow, they can document the entire strategy of a new customer, including mapping their persona description, defining buyer’s stages, keywords, and setting up their tone of voice and style guide so everyone that is working on that project is on the same page.

Once the content plan is validated by their customers, they use the platform to set up the content production workflows. With this functionality, they can create as many steps as needed for any type of content they are creating, set deadlines for each stage, assign responsibilities, set subtasks, and get the engine working.

With access to over 2k certified content professionals, now it’s easier for them to scale their content production when needed. What their in-house team needs to do is to prepare the groundwork. They document keywords they need to focus on, detailed briefings, and referral links they can use, besides setting up deadlines so they can follow their editorial calendar.

Once the content is ready, the internal team works on optimizing it for SEO to finally go to the finals, the client’s approval, and publishing.

In addition to improving how they organize internal processes, Fabio highlights the analysis tools available at Workflow, especially Insights and Funnel.

With Insights, they can keep track of any anomalies (positive or negative) in the traffic of the pages monitored due to the integration the platform has with WordPress. The daily reports they now receive allows them to take quick action and maintain traffic growth for their clients.

Insights from GrowthHackers
With Workflow, Content Marketing teams can keep track of their marketing campaigns.

They use the Funnel functionality to understand if they are producing more content for one persona and neglecting another. And with accessible analytics, they can run tests and compare what topics and formats bring their clients the best results.

The feature Funnel allows marketing teams to visualize their content marketing efforts regarding different stages of the buying cycle.

“Having all that information in spreadsheets would certainly be chaotic with the number of customers we have today,” says Fabio.

Saving Time to Scale Operations

Since adopting Workflow, Hubify gained a lot in terms of process efficiency — leading them to optimize internal resources. They’ve achieved a 2200 % increase in the number of projects managed through the platform.

At Hubify, they work with the squad framework, which means creating multidisciplinary teams in accordance with a certain MRR. For example, for each R$15K in MRR, they create a new squad composed of one strategy analyst and two more professionals responsible for the operation (i.e., content audit, briefings, editing, proofreading, etc).

With Workflow automating most of their manual work, squads can now focus on more strategic tasks, such as competitive analyses, strategic alignment, and keyword planning.

Another gain was the possibility to serve a greater number of clients from multiple segments without compromising the quality of their deliverables.

If one of their clients needs content specialized on a topic or niche they are experts, they can now count on the access to thousands of content professionals with different expertise to help them to embrace more projects.

“Our clients hire us to improve a few metrics — keyword positioning, organic traffic, and engagement. One of our customers, working for a very specific niche — civil construction — experienced organic traffic increased by 3x, and ranked on Google’s first page for several keywords that mattered for their niche. Another client has achieved a 441% rise in indexation. Once they see their organic traffic going up and bounce rate going down, they are keen to keep investing in SEO and content marketing and keep their partnership with us,” said Fabio.

Lack of transparency in the communication and management process can generate friction with customers. To prevent this from happening, Hubify uses Workflow to leave the entire process already scheduled to 2 weeks in advance, leaving room for the squad involved to schedule in advance and for the platform to take care of the notifications and communication between peers.

Ultimately, having all these functionalities and this extra human resource helps them meet deadlines and expand their content operation.

“I really like how helpful the GrowthHackers team is when we have special demands. Lately, we’ve been serving clients from such specific industries that looking for writers who are familiar with the subjects is a challenge, and they always help us by sending lists that exceed our expectations. In addition, I really like how they always propose improvements in the face of any difficulties we might have.”

If you want to scale up content production within your agency while centralizing your whole operation, talk to our team of specialists and ask for a demo of Workflow.

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