Growth Hacks: Bio Extratus — Beyond a Beauty Blog

Growth Hacks: Bio Extratus — Beyond a Beauty Blog

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Bio Extratus — Beyond a Beauty Blog

Bio Extratus — Beyond a Beauty Blog

In an industry impacted by new trends and influencers where new brands and products emerge every time, we are faced with an increasingly populated marketplace where we are easily distracted. Traditional marketing is no longer an alternative, and online presence became a must-have for companies from this segment.

From 2018 to 2019, the global cosmetics market increased by approximately 5%. In the U.S. alone for the same period, the industry itself generated revenue of $49.2 billion.

In a beauty salon, begins the history of Bio Extratus when their owners, Vera and Lindouro Gomes, sought a differentiated cosmetics line that combines quality at an affordable price.

Concerned about the environment, what used to be an artesian production of natural cosmetics is now a company whose authority generates a successful and trusting relationship between the company and consumers, transforming the brand into a benchmark in the segment for over thirty years with brink and mortar stores around the whole globe as well as a strong online store.

To support its global presence, Bio Extratus offers a version of its website in ENG, PT, and SPN

Content Marketing is the fuel that drives Bio Extratus’ growth strategy. A mix of influencers, social network distribution, videos and tutorials, and blog posts has helped their growth team target the right audience (>30 years old) over the right channels (mostly Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube) in the right ways (information & education).

Their marketing team realized earlier that, most of its competitors were building their brand strategy around their products, as opposed to their users. Early on, they have decided to do the opposite, and focus on informing and educating their target audience, leaving the purchase of a product as the consequence of their strong authority in the field.

Beauty routines, new types of treatments, well-being, health, home are some of the pillars of their positioning.

The approach paid off since evergreen content is valued not only by the user but also by search engines (SEO), which quickly became one of their main sources of traffic — and even greater, contrary to what happens with their paid-media strategy, actually decreases the cost of acquisition of a new customer.

Trends come and go but great content stays forever. The cosmetic segment is dynamic and requires adaptability from marketing teams. To go deeper into the growth strategy, GrowthHackers spoke with Thais Schivek and Brenda Braga, from Bio Extratus’s growth team, to better understand how they’re keeping the engine working:

Structuring Content Management

In the early days of the company, the team decided that content was the perfect strategy because it had short-term effects (validating their positioning, helping them understand the audience, and going beyond products) as well as a long-term payoff (lowering the cost of acquisition, visibility, organic growth). In a validation mode, they kept the content operation simple: writers could choose the subject they would like to write about, sending the final piece internally through informal messages or emails.

Things paid off and they soon needed to expand their operation with:

+ More content, which brings in more producers;

+ More countries, which brings in more languages;

+ More types, which brings videos, images, posts;

+ More subjects, which brings dozens of tags, 15 clusters, +categories

The team soon realized the mix of spreadsheets, emails, messaging tools, docs, social distribution, SEO plugins, and a full stack of unintegrated tools was having a negative impact not only in their daily routine but, more importantly, over the center of it all: the quality of the content and the constancy of development.

To GrowthHackers, Thais said that’s when they started to look for a solution that could help them to manage the workflow between the in-house team and the 14 ambassadors responsible for delivering content every month, distribute it across their +3 websites, promote it across their +4 social profiles.

Before committing to any specific tool or even developing their own, they listed the prerequisites their content operation required:

  • One centralized workspace for it all;
  • The capability of connecting the dots between producers, editors, approvers, publishers, etc…
  • Multiple levels of control;
  • Distribution management (an editorial calendar with integrations to CMS and Social);
  • Internal analysis (productivity, delayed tasks, deadlines, notifications);
  • External analysis (performance, SEO, social sharing, etc);

For better control, organization, and time optimization they hired Workflow by GrowthHackers to help streamline their production and level up their marketing strategy with better deliveries and reports.

“We were losing control over deadlines, required changes, the back and forth of revisions, the multiple touchpoints of a production flow and, our audience was taking the hit, as the quality decreased and the constancy was compromised. That’s when we moved our operation to Workflow by GrowthHackers, gaining agility, control, measurement, and, most importantly, better results,” said Thaís.

Here’s how their team works now:

1. Strategy on point

New products, reviews, trending aesthetic treatments, well-being, the number of subjects that Bio Extratus approach in their blog is huge. But instead of letting the writers choose what they want to write about, now they count with the Ideas’ section on Workflow in which before being sent to production the idea is voted based on the companies strategy that is documented inside the platform.

With this feature, the company can share with its writers and possible new ambassadors, what’s their mains goal with content, brand voice, buyer persona, and company’s keywords. Having a well-documented strategy became crucial to put everybody on the same page, whether it is to write an in-depth article or an idea of a script for the new YouTube series.

2. Content inline

Once a suggestion goes into production, the briefing section allows the writers to scribble what the idea is about, brainstorm some references for their piece, and set up keywords and tags that are in context with the idea.

While producing new content, writers can review the idea, persona, and buying stage behind that piece.

With the brand launching new products regularly, Thais added that this section allows them to fit in the new demand into production but giving to the writer the context that they need to start. What once was done through Whatsapp messages, could get lost in the middle of daily routines and product-launch, so important for cosmetic brands, would help them to raise awareness around the release.

Content plays an important role through all the buyer’s decisions, so if their writing is going to write about the importance of combing your hair to prevent fall or if it’s a product review of their newest hair cream that strengthens the hair, their content team can flag in this section if this content is for a visitor on the awareness or decision stage.

Thaís highlighted that using Workflow, they not only increased content production by 27% but also improved the quality of what is now being produced.

3. No more delayed content

With the demand for content production for their 3 blogs increasing every day, Thais and Brenda mentioned that it would be easy to lose track of content production if the writers were respecting the deadlines or the notes and corrections were being made.

Like Liv Up’s team, another gain for Bio Extratus’ was the possibility to customize their workflow, improving their work routine.

From the Production section, Thais and Brenda can supervise content flow and deadlines.

Just from personalizing and detailing each step of the content production, they feel like everything is simpler and more practical. From creating each type of content flows, they now can monitor closely if the content is on time and also its corrections and comments are being incorporated into the content.

This feature became handy for them to manage who is complying with the agreements and even to analyze new contracts and renewals as they continue to shape their content strategy.

4. Social presence

More than content, Bio Extratus has an expressive presence on social media, especially on Youtube (+77,5K subscribers) and Instagram (+1,2M followers).

Bio Extratus massive presence on social platforms

And besides using the Workflow’s feature to schedule all of the social distribution from blog posts, they’ve been using the platform to produce original Instagram and Youtube posts.

After contracting Workflow, Thais and Brenda are proud to say that besides the tool, they’re only using Google Drive to upload images and videos.

Not Just Content

The numbers speak for themselves. In the first year of using the platform, the blog grew by 400% in the number of visits and the number of organic sessions went from +530K to +4,23M. Just do a quick search on the internet and you can check the success of their blog.

With more than 500 keywords that, on average, occupy the top three positions of search engines, the marketing strategy of the Brazilian company is also evidenced by their domain score and the number of backlinks generated inside and outside the country.

Combining high-quality content with a strong social media presence and strategic paid media, their marketing team managed to reduce by 42% their customer acquisition cost (CAC).

And the benefits go beyond these numbers. Brenda mentioned that while their partnership with Workflow is growing and is gaining a lot of repercussions internally, working side to side with GrowthHackers’ team is being important for them on personalizing the tool so it can serve them to achieve valuable results internally and externally.

“With Workflow, our team gained structure and agility. Now we’re able to measure our results that got much better,” said Thais.

Thaís also commented that thanks to the platform, they were also able to structure themselves internally, and with better reports, they now have more time to search for relevant search terms and generate all this impact on performance. That’s the dream of every content manager, right?

If you want to structure your content marketing operation and deliver your content to bigger audiences, ask our specialists for a demo of Workflow.

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