Growth Hacks: Bike Registrada: 1,8M Weekly Sessions Achieved

Growth Hacks: Bike Registrada: 1,8M Weekly Sessions Achieved

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Bike Registrada: 1,8M Weekly Sessions Achieved

Building a Cyclists Community Through Content.

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While many businesses start by investing in paid marketing to acquire their first customers, Bike Registrada knew from the beginning of their journey that content marketing was the best strategy to achieve long-term success. And the results are paying off. They went from 80 to 1,8M weekly user sessions, creating a community with over 350K engaged members.

We’ll explore how this startup was successful in using the Workflow Content Management Platform to bring to life an inbound marketing strategy that brought them qualified traffic, transformed visitors into members, subscribers, and advocates of the brand.

Creating a Community for Cyclists

Bike Registrada was founded in 2014 with the purpose of promoting safety for cyclists and their bikes. With over seven years of operation, the company created a “one-stop-shop” where members can create networks, exchange experiences, educate themselves and buy products and services.

When they started their operations, Bike Registrada offered a service for the registration of cyclists and their bicycles. Soon they started offering another service, bike insurance. But their business comes with a twist, they created monthly subscription insurance, just like Netflix.

Recently, to meet the community’s need to buy and sell bicycles, they created a marketplace exclusive for community members, ensuring safe transactions and adding more value to their ecosystem.

Creating Content Aligned with their Persona

Since its founding, they have focused on content and inbound marketing as their main acquisition strategies in attracting visitors, as well as converting them into customers. The company’s CMO and co-founder, Alexandre Ramos, explains how from the beginning they opted for these strategies.

“Although we knew it was a long-term strategy, it was the best option if we were aiming for exponential results. Besides, at the time, it was the most financially viable option for us”.

Early in the execution of the content strategy, they hired a company to assist with content production. Although they were producing content optimized for search engines, they weren’t fulfilling their main purpose. It wasn’t helping them to connect organically with their persona, with the community. Therefore, the content was not converting visitors into members or followers.

It was then that they pivoted to Workflow by GrowthHackers, a platform capable of centralizing their whole content operation, from strategy and content creation to publishing. They now use it to create content for their blog, social media, and email marketing.

Blog Bike Registrada

Creating content aligned with your persona is key to generating engagement. Bike Registrada used Workflow to build detailed personas for each step of their funnel and centralized branding guidelines. This has helped internal and external contributors to create resonating content with a unified brand voice, echoing throughout their entire process, from content ideation to analytics.

Bike Registrada on Instagram

Besides managing daily content operations, they took advantage of the Workflow talent database to gain access to hundreds of certified content professionals. Through the platform, they were able to find a content manager and a writer who were also cyclists and bike enthusiasts and were qualified to create in-depth content about the cyclist lifestyle. The result of these initiatives is exponential growth with results that exceeded their expectations.

Bike Registrada on Facebook

Rocketing Results with Content Marketing

Since becoming a Workflow customer, Alexandre feels they have evolved their marketing strategy, and that the platform is helping him to centralize their entire marketing operation in one place.

“Workflow by GrowthHackers was and is part of Bike Registrada’s success. We are growing every year. Today we are a community with over 350k cyclists, we sell around 1000 insurances per month and our blog has reached 200k readers. And we don’t plan to stop.”

With Workflow, Alexandre is able to centralize communications between the in-house team and external contributors, reaching maturity and consistency in their content production. Through Workflow, contributors can suggest content ideas, which can be approved by the Editors at Bike Registrada and become the basis of a briefing, easily accessible within the platform. Content managers can check the status of each piece of content being produced, who are the assignees, check deadlines, and even compare versions and schedule posts.

They have also set a workflow with steps each content has to go through — production, review, and approval — and get notified if a step is unassigned or delayed. Content creators at Bike Registrada can also use a virtual calendar to plan when each content will be published, and schedule it via platform integrations. This has saved them from countless email threads, errors from miscommunication, and control spreadsheets.

With organic traffic being their main source of traffic, on a weekly basis, they receive 1,4M users and 1,3M new users, responsible for over 1,8M sessions and more than 3,1M pageviews. They’re continuing to iterate their content production with new inbound marketing initiatives and sharing relevant content with their audience. Bike Registrada is looking into the future with the steadfast mission to help as many cyclists as possible.

For Alexandre, customer satisfaction is key and Workflow has helped them to not only meet but exceed the expectations of their community. “Without Workflow it would be impossible for us to publish the volume of content we need.”

If you are looking for a content marketing management platform to operationalize your entire content strategy, Workflow has all the features you need. Connect with our team to ask for a demo.

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