Growth Hacks: 3 Remote team leadership tips from Kean Graham

Growth Hacks: 3 Remote team leadership tips from Kean Graham

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3 Remote team leadership tips from Kean Graham

Kean Graham, CEO of MonetizeMore, recently hosted an AMA on GrowthHacker. There he discussed the many reasons for his company’s success, managing remote teams, the ad tech industry as a whole, and much more! MonetizeMore is an ad tech company with over 130 employees working remotely all around the world. Here are some of Kean’s leadership tips for successfully dealing with remote teams.

A quick background on the company

Kean originally started MonetizeMore over 10 years ago after working for a large online classified network and being part of the marketing department who were laid off in 2008. He decided to take a break and travel to South America, where he realized that he needed to make his dream of traveling the world a regular occurrence.

He wanted to be able to work and travel when he wanted without being stuck in one location. Out of that experience he hatched the idea for MonetizeMore, when he started optimizing ad inventories for online publishers that earned ad revenues through display ads. Since then, MonetizeMore has managed millions in ad revenue while helping hundreds of publishers optimize their ad revenue — all with a remote workforce.

Through sheer determination, innovation, being at the forefront of ad tech development, and always putting the publisher first, Kean managed to build his company into the market leader it is today.

It took sheer determination, innovation and being at the forefront of ad tech development for Kean to build MonetizeMore into the market leader it is today. Always putting the publisher first has gone a long way in building a loyal customer base.

Leadership tips for dealing with remote teams

Running a remote team is not without its challenges. Some candidates often have trouble transitioning from an office work environment to a virtual setup. Some people struggle to work alone and require external pressure from a boss to stay motivated. Unfortunately, these individuals seldom perform well as remote employees.

Without company guidelines and a solid remote company culture in place, it’s tough to pick up on bad apples in a virtual office environment. At MonetizeMore, we’ve evolved the hiring process to phase out these types of candidates beforehand. Certain aspects of company culture, such as communicating via Slack channels, Skype, and having weekly meetings, also help employees stay motivated and productive.

That being said, most people enjoy a remote work environment because of the freedom and flexibility it offers. They often thrive in it!

For effectively lead a remote team, I would recommend the following tips:

Authenticity matters

Don’t delegate tasks you wouldn’t do yourself, rather lead by example. Company culture gets empowered by the founder living the same work lifestyle that the company is built on. Authentic leadership often requires disruption via innovation and most of the time, it’s something that has never been explored before.

Data Driven setups

Using data to make important decisions and provide feedback is critical. This can be done on a company and employee level. It’s very easy to make decisions based on your own bias and opinion which might not always be accurate. Use key performance indicators or KPIs to make decisions and give constructive feedback to employees.

Be a great communicator

To effectively lead a team, you need to be an active listener. Communication is key within a remote work environment. Active listening improves communication with team members and helps you grow as a leader. Employees will also respect you more.

Although creating a remote work environment might be scary at first, it goes a long way in helping your company improve employee satisfaction, save costs and boost productivity.

Are you part of a remote work team? Do you enjoy it? How do you think this concept of work can improve?

What do you think your CEO should do to improve their leadership skills?

At GrowthHackers, we perform a continuous Leadership Training program available to all team members, remotes included, with the goal to develop authentic leaders. Here we understand that high-performing teams require continuous development and is a never-ending journey.

To learn more about our Leadership Training and management rhythm methodology, check out our full guide here.

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