Growth Hacks: 15 Growth Professionals to Follow on GrowthHackers Community

Growth Hacks: 15 Growth Professionals to Follow on GrowthHackers Community

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15 Growth Professionals to Follow on GrowthHackers Community

These past few months I’ve lost control over the number of posts and folders that I’ve saved and created on Instagram, or how my favorites bar became populated with the most different topics, such as social media, ideas to test or designs that inspire.

But I haven’t stopped there, I’ve started following multiples podcasts, got into new communities, and watched countless lives and webinars that are now flooding my inbox. And don’t make me start on the books about marketing and growth that I have saved on Amazon.

So much content, so little time right?

If you’re part of the GrowthHackers Community, you must be growth-obsessed (just like me) and probably a bit lost amid so many content users create on a daily basis. In the end, it’s easy to find yourself confused without knowing how to keep up with what’s important right now for your development as a professional but also as a person.

people pointing to a screen

As a community manager, I can give you some tips on how to save valuable time and stay informed:

  1. Follow the best newsletters in our industry, like the one from Indie Hackers or ones that curate content, like GrowthHackers.
  2. Select the tags you’re interested in our Community to improve your notifications. Some good ones are #growth, #contentmarketing, #productmarketing, #productledgrowth, #analytics, and #seo.
  3. Always take a look at our Trending, Latest, and Must-Read pages;
  4. Follow the right people there and on social media and read what they publish, share, and curate.
  5. And if you have questions, bring them to the AMA or check our past ones. One way or the other, you’ll find your answer.

If you’re looking for somewhere to start, we’ve compiled a list of 15 awesome growth experts from different industries and segments that anyone in the field can benefit from following on Growth Hackers, Twitter, and LinkedIn as we start the second half of 2020.

Gif showing how to follow community members on GH’s website
How to follow your favourite authors on GHs Community

A curated list of growth professionals to follow

This list was built on those users whose content is recognized by the community by sharing truly high-quality content that adds to the community’s understanding of growth, marketing, data, UX/UI, and engineering, but overall that leads you to a much more valuable experience for everyone on GrowthHackers.

Spoiler alert! You may know some faces from this list either because you’ve upvoted some of their posts or because you’ve made a question on one of their AMAs.

So here’s our personal list, in alphabetical order:

1. Anastasia Masters

“GrowthHackers is one of the most engaged, tight-knit communities that I’m a part of. Whenever I sign on to the platform, I learn something new on marketing, text, growth, or more.”

Who’s the Growth Hacker: Anastasia is the former Content Marketing Specialist at G2. With her focus on social media marketing, Anastasia is one of our most engaged followers on Twitter so you may recognize her from our RTs or from featuring our newsletter regularly.

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Background: Marketing

Where to follow: GrowthHackers, Linkedin, Twitter.

2. Andrew Capland

“Being part of the GH community is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest growth industry news, tactics, and frameworks from folks in the trenches.”

Who’s the Growth Hacker: Andrew is the Head of Growth at Postscript but has already worked for companies like Wistian and Hubspot. Andrew has more than 13 years of experience working in SaaS Marketing Tech, defining himself as a growth professional with a background in marketing and product management. If you want to approach and scale growth inside your company, you better start by reading his content.

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Background: Marketing

Where to follow: GrowthHackers, Linkedin, Twitter.

BONUS: When he was Director of Growth at Wistia, Andrew hosted an AMA session with us.

3. Benji Hyam

“GrowhHackers is one of the best communities for marketers to find quality content shred by marketers across the world. I’ve not just been a contributor but also one of the biggest consumers. And I wish more marketers dip their toes into this ‘gold’ community.”

Who’s the Growth Hacker: Benji is the co-founder of Grow and Convert where he’s responsible for the grow side. With a strong marketing background, at Grow and Convert, Benji takes over a company’s blog and help them to create their strategy, producing content, driving traffic to their posts, and converting their traffic to qualified leads. Benji is a true advocate of content marketing and is constantly sharing in-depth content with our community.

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Background: Marketing

Where to follow: GrowthHackers, Linkedin, Twitter.

BONUS: On his AMA session, Benji answered questions about content strategy, promotion, blog conversions, list building, small SaaS, bootstrapping, and more. Get a blank note and start taking note of his insights.

4. Daniel Benoni

5. Louis-Xavier Lavallée

“To interact with like-minded people and to improve your skills continuously. That’s important because developing your expertise as a growth practitioner really comes down to “reps and sets”. There’s no shortcut. You need to be constantly exposed to ideas, tactics, and psychological principles that make users want to take action. Over time, that can really improve your odds of running successful experiments.”

Who are the Growth Hackers: Daniel and Louis are the co-founders of Growth.Design. You might recognize them from the way they share product tips in a comic book format, helping companies that use their content to improve their user experience and conversion rates.

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Background: UI/UX

Where to follow Daniel: GrowthHackers, Linkedin, Twitter.

Where to follow Louis: GrowthHackers, Linkedin, Twitter.

6. Ihor Feoktistov

“GH community is a great space to get fresh insights, new ideas, and practical tactics. It’s also a great place to share knowledge with like-minded people and grow together. I really love the vibe inside the platform.”

Who’s the Growth Hacker: Ihor is co-founder and CTO of Relevant Software. His company is a next-generation software development services vendor that helps businesses and startups to assemble senior software development teams and build the right software products. If you like to read content about engineering, software, and team management, you should start following Ihor right now.

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Background: Engineering

Where to follow: GrowthHackers, Linkedin.

7. Ilya Azovtsev

“There are millions of articles about growth. But the problem is to find the best. Growth Hackers community is a brilliant place to find only the top-quality content.”

Who’s the Growth Hacker: Ilya is Growth Marketer at lemlist, a sales automation platform with personalized emails. He defines himself as a T-shaped digital marketer that has made a lot of pivots during his career (and won’t stop so soon). His experience goes from Data Analytics to Customer Success to create content. We’re sure you know him since he’s always making to the Trending Page.

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Background: Marketing

Where to follow: GrowthHackers, Linkedin, Twitter.

8. Jack Paxton

“GrowthHackers community is a top source of information on the latest growth marketing trends! I enjoy snooping through trending user-generated content in search of the next valuable article. If you have any questions or knowledge to share, GH community is a place to be.”

Who’s the Growth Hacker: Jack is the co-founder of RGrowth & Top Growth Marketing Agency. If you need help scaling your business and customer acquisition with paid ads, he is your guy. Jack is one of the most engaged GrowthHackers’ users that we have on this list, not only he’s always publishing great content, but he’s also upvoting, commenting and starting great discussions at the Q&A page.

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Background: Marketing

Where to follow: GrowthHackers, Linkedin, Twitter.

9. Jim Huffman

“The GH community is a secret weapon for growth leaders. As a growth marketer, it has become my go-to for researching innovative growth tactics and discussing growth case studies. It’s become an extension of my growth team”

Who’s the Growth Hacker: Jim Huffman is the author of The Growth Marketer’s Playbook, and the co-founder of GrowthHit, a growth marketing consultancy. He has grown two startups from idea to $10M in sales and is also a startup mentor at Techstars, General Assembly, and Sephora Accelerator. Want more? Jim is an international speaker that’s lead growth workshops at Fortune 500 brands including FedEx, Hot Wheels, Intuit, Sephora, OREO, and more.

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Background: Marketing

Where to follow: GrowthHackers, Linkedin, Twitter.

BONUS: Jim has also hosted an AMA session at GrowthHackers and was definitely a success.

10. Matthew Howells-Barby

“Main reasons why I’d recommend being part of the GH community are:

1. It’s one of my favorite sources for finding interesting tactics and case studies;

2. It’s full of people always willing to share the real work vs just the same old recycled content.”

Who’s the Growth Hacker: Matt is the Sr. Director of Acquisition and Hubspot and also the Co-Founder of Matt has built his entire career on his ability to drive results and is currently focusing on a number of emerging trends, including blockchain/crypto, AI, messaging, and chatbots.

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Background: Marketing

Where to follow: GrowthHackers, Linkedin, Twitter.

BONUS: Matthew has not only hosted one AMA session, but he’s the only one on this list that hosted two. On his first one, he came as the Global Head of Growth at Hubspot. After that, he came with the two other founders of Traffic Think Tank, Nick Eubanks, and Ian Howeeand, and it was awesome.

11. Oleg Yakubenkov

“I love being a part of the GH community as I get inspired by the authors and their ideas — which brings me more ideas for my own blog.”

Who’s the Growth Hacker: Oleg is a product leader with 10+ years of experience in building and growing things at scale: Workplace by Facebook, MSQRD (over 80 million downloads, acquired by Facebook), Dialogflow (acquired by Google), CATS (best game of 2017 by Google Play, over 100 million players), King of Thieves (a mobile game with over 60 million players).

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Background: Data & Analytics

Where to follow: GrowthHackers, Linkedin.

12. Ross Simmonds

“It’s important being a member of the GrowthHackers community because it gives you the connections & resources necessary for professional & personal growth. It’s not just a place to learn how to grow your business. It’s a place to level up your growth as a person.”

Who’s the Growth Hacker: Ross Simmonds is the founder of Foundation, a content marketing agency that combines data and creativity to develop & serve ambitious B2B brands. His company provides content marketing services to organizations all over the world ranging from some of the fastest-growing startups & consumer products to the Fortune 500. If you follow him on Linkedin and Twitter, you’ll see how much knowledge he shares with his network.

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Background: Marketing

Where to follow: GrowthHackers, Linkedin, Twitter.

13. Sean Ellis

“The best thing about GrowthHackers is the community of people who are excited about understanding growth and improving the growth trajectory of their companies. Some of my best learnings have come from the AMAs.”

Who’s the Growth Hacker: Sean Ellis, founder of, is also the host of The Breakout Growth Podcast, author of Hacking Growth, keynote speaker and runs workshops around the world to help teams align around a cross-functional approach to growth he calls growth hacking (a term he coined in 2010).

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Background: Marketing

Where to follow: GrowthHackers, Linkedin, Twitter.

BONUS: Not only you can find an AMA with him, but you can also take a look at a couple of Growth Studies that he and Ethan Gaar shared with the community.

14. Tom Hunt

“I have grown approx. 7 projects in the marketing space in the past 5 years and when I check Google Analytics for each of them, I ALWAYS see GrowthHackers in the top 10 referrers.

Now either the community really liked all my projects… or more likely, GrowthHackers is simply the biggest and most engaged marketing community out there on the internet. So if you’re a marketer and you’re on the fence… join join. You won’t regret it ;)”

Who’s the Growth Hacker: Known as a focused marketer with 8+ years of experience, Tom Hunt is Co-Founder of bcast where he hosts podcasts for growth business and is also Managing Director at SaaS Marketer. You may find Tom’s posts featuring our Trending Page and newsletter (more than once) frequently.

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Background: Marketing

Where to follow: GrowthHackers, Linkedin, Twitter.

15. Yaagneshwaran Ganesh

“GrowthHackers is one of the best communities for marketers to find quality content shred by marketers across the world. I’ve not just been a contributor but also one of the biggest consumers. And I wish more marketers dip their toes into this ‘gold’ community.”

Who’s the Growth Hacker: Yaagneshwaran Ganesh, also known as Yaag, is one of the top 100 global martech influencers, a TEDx speaker, and a best-selling author of 7 books. Passionate about startups and with a background in marketing, Yaag has 10+ years of experience in B2B marketing for martech organizations and startups.

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Background: Marketing

Where to follow: GrowthHackers, Linkedin, Twitter.

Just one final suggestion…Before choosing a post to read, ask yourself these two questions: “does this content make my work better”? Or “does it bring anything new to the table”?

If you answered yes to those two questions, that’s the content that will reframe your thinking on a topic or provide you with more information or insights that will help you to perform any growth-related task(s). You’ve just found those kinds of posts that you inevitably end up saving for future reference because you know you’ll be coming back to it when implementing the nugget of wisdom that revealed itself to you.

Now tell us, are you missing someone that we should have mentioned on this list? Comment with the profiles we should include next!

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