Growth Hacks: 12 Great Benefits of Content Marketing

Growth Hacks: 12 Great Benefits of Content Marketing

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12 Great Benefits of Content Marketing

Content marketing has become a very popular strategy. It is interesting to analyze why, for example, 88% of B2B companies use it in their strategies.

It’s no secret that content also plays an important role in social media. For through content, companies have something relevant to share in their accounts without offering products all the time.

But there is much more than you can imagine! When defining a content marketing strategy you should ask yourself: am I only publishing on my own website? Am I posting guest content? What types of content am I posting? Is it good enough?

In this article will bring some benefits that you can achieve through content marketing.

Benefits of Content Marketing

1) More content for your website

Of course! The more content you create, the more material you have to post to your website/ blog. When you publish more content, more people will be able to find it and take advantage of it.

But mass production is not the only important factor. As always, it is good to be attentive to the quality of the material offered to readers. This will also establish how long they will spend browsing your website.

2) More time on your website

As stated earlier, the more content you publish and the more relevant it is to the reader, the more time they will spend navigating your website.

This is important because the more time people spend on your website, the more chances you will have to get them to do what you want them to do (like buying a product or service).

3) Improve Lead Conversion Rates

By getting readers to spend more time on your site, your conversion rate will probably increase. Valuable content builds trust and this increases the possibility of conversions.
The results to generate conversions through content marketing may not be immediate, but over time you will realize that it was worth the time and effort to do so.

4) More content to distribute on your social networks

If you have questions about what to post on your company’s social media, your problems are over! By producing a considerable flow of exceptional content, you will always have content to share on your social channels.

Making content appealing to your followers, will enable people to reach your site not just through a search engine.

5) Better ranking in search engines

Content is not the only factor in ranking search engines. But of course, the more content you provide, the more chances you will have to be found.

Content marketing also has a positive aspect in your SEO efforts. The correct use of keywords and back-links helps in the ranking. To better understand SEO optimization, check this article.

6) More traffic

Traffic can come from search engines, from social media, or from a variety of other sources.
While it is a myth that content gains fame easily, it is very possible that it will generate more traffic if you dedicate to distributing it and sharing it.

7) Better perception of the brand

There’s a good way to produce great brand awareness: offer exceptional content that brings value to your readers.

Also, if you have relevant content that can be shared on your social networks, you will already differentiate yourself as a brand because you will not be boring your customers with self-promotion.

With this, your brand will gain greater authority and recognition in the market.

8) Better relationship with your customers

Content facilitates the opportunity for the company to be in contact with its customers in a more personal way, without offering products or services at all times.

Content helps you build and maintain the relationship, as your customers will recognize your efforts to deliver value with your content.

9) Greater involvement with the brand

An engaged public is an audience with greater purchasing power. The goal is to keep people from forgetting your business.
Engaged users end up promoting your brand without you having to push hard for it.

10) Immunity from Increasing Ad Blockers

Adblocking is a growing problem for advertisers, as many users use it. Content marketing ends up being a way around this because it does not use advertising directly or aggressively.

11) The decrease in marketing costs

Many companies have the perception that content marketing is an expensive investment. The reason for this is that the return on investment may not show right away, but content marketing is highly scalable! Even with some delays, it always proves to be efficient.

12) Allows for higher prices

There is no doubt that content marketing is capable of creating business opportunities and improving conversion rates.

But how does content allow you to increase the value of your products or services?

Well, the rules are similar to influence marketing. When the content advertised is good and relevant, it builds trust in the customer’s mind, subsequently increasing demand and creating room for pricing expansion.

Was this article helpful to you? Give us feedback in the comments section below! And any questions regarding content marketing, you’re welcome to contact our team for a free demonstration.

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