Biz Tips: Your Traffic Doesn’t Lead To Sales? These 7 Tips Will Save Your Day

Biz Tips: Your Traffic Doesn’t Lead To Sales? These 7 Tips Will Save Your Day


Your Traffic Doesn’t Lead To Sales? These 7 Tips Will Save Your Day

Now that traffic has become the most important resource in the online community, without a proper tool called conversion, you can never convert your traffic into sales. If you’re currently making 1 sale per 100 visitors, it would be wise to improve your conversion rate by 10 times to make 10 sales, rather than paying 10 times more for advertising to get 1000 visitors to make 10 sales.

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With that in mind, I lay out 7 simple conversion strategies that will help you sell more with less traffic.

1.Reduce the number of clicks a user has to do in order to get to his or her desired page. A site which takes 3 clicks or lesser to display an item or a page is more likely to have a better conversion rate than a site which is difficult to navigate. Shorten the number of actions a user has to take to reach the checkout page or subscribe to your newsletter.

2. Many websites direct the search results to their home page rather than that particular search landing page. This lets the users know that your website is actually offering useful content rather than just increasing traffic.

3. Including a social metric on your sale pages can boost your conversions as people make purchases based on user reviews. Add a genuine statistic like “80% of men recommend this brand and repurchase this product” to let your visitors know about the popularity of the product.

4. Test different themes and offer location-based holiday themes to visitors as per the holidays in their country. People buy more things during holidays and a targeted theme with the right product inventory can enhance the conversions significantly. Use A/B testing to test different versions of the theme.

5. Use visual cues and images to direct your users to your call-to-action button. This button is the most important tool to improve your conversion rate drastically and your users must be able to reach it easily to click on it to buy or subscribe. A visually appealing arrow that points to the button or an image which focusses on the button is a good trick to ensure better conversions.

6. Minimize risk and build trust by adding a money-back guarantee and no-questions-asked returns policy as these steps make your users believe that they are buying a good product and their money is secured.

7. Go easy on pop-ups and blinking banners as they can irritate and send away the users rather than making them stay. Keep ads on your website to a minimum in order to provide a genuine shopping experience. Keep your most important information above the fold to attract more sales.

So these are some tips which are very beneficial in improving the conversion rate of your website but not everybody is aware of these tips or takes them seriously. You can use these tips to sell more by increasing conversion rates.

The tricks are small and easy to include in your website and can enhance your conversion rate significantly if used properly. Test these tips on your website and use the ones which boost the conversions without slowing down the website or affecting the user experience.

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