Biz Tips: Yes, a Freelancer Did That!

Biz Tips: Yes, a Freelancer Did That!

Biz Tip:

Yes, a Freelancer Did That!

When you think of all the different ways freelancers can help you get more done, don’t limit them to the same ol’ same ol’ projects. Sure, contingent workers are great for smaller projects like creating spreadsheets and writing articles. But freelancers can do so much more.

Here are a few projects you probably didn’t think of utilizing freelancers and freelance agencies for, but thankfully, somebody did.

Create an animated new product announcement

Skills: 3D design & animation, 2D motion graphics

Freelance agency, Straightface Studios, collaborated with Amazon Creative Services (ACS) to create a video announcing the new Kindle Unlimited service. ACS provided the origami paper boat creative, Straightface Studios built a rich world of unlimited reading from conception to final rendering. Watch the full video here.

Help turn an idea into a $10M company

Skills: Branding, graphic design, product design, videography

Scott Luscombe launched over 100 brands with an average market representation of 20 million units per year. He was approached by a startup to create a logo for their new product, then the company asked Luscombe to work on product design and packaging. As their sales increased, Luscombe created the company’s in-store displays and commercials. Before long, the startup grew into a $10M company, selling over 11M units worldwide.


Skills: SQL server, data warehousing

A large healthcare chain had a challenge on its hands: importing a sizeable amount of data from four different source systems and two APIs into a single data warehouse. They found the right expert for the job: Matthew Thrower, a business intelligence (BI) specialist who helps companies make better use of their data. He completed the project efficiently by utilizing a custom framework that incorporates several Microsoft technologies and Data Vault data warehousing methodology.

With his client’s data consolidated into a single source, their executive team could automate most of their daily, weekly, and monthly reports, which freed them to work on more strategic tasks. The data consolidation also helped his client provide better patient care and service, as they could finally send patients reminders. As a result, fewer patients missed their appointments.


Widespread internet access and a growing array of collaboration tools enable people to work on complex projects from anywhere in the world. What you create with freelancers is only limited by your imagination.

An Oxford study shows that companies working with flexible professionals complete projects faster and at a higher quality. In part because the skill you’re engaging talent for is what they do every day. It’s their expertise and their business. In fact, freelancers are nearly twice as likely as employees to update their skills.

Freelancing websites like Upwork bring the world’s collective talent to your desktop. That’s a lot of brain power, so why limit them to small tasks? For your next project, it’s probably time to think bigger—much bigger.

Upwork is a freelancing website where businesses of all sizes can find talented independent professionals across multiple disciplines and categories. Ready to let freelance experts help you get more done? Start today!

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