Biz Tips: XPO2 provides an innovative solution for fundraising

Biz Tips: XPO2 provides an innovative solution for fundraising


XPO2 provides an innovative solution for fundraising

Exponential, Inc. (XPO2), a cause-driven tech marketing firm engaged in developing and promoting white label e-commerce solutions, is revolutionizing the way fundraising campaigns are being done today.

The company, founded by French-American entrepreneur Dom Einhorn, focuses on developing and promoting white-label e-commerce platforms, which apportion revenues to fundraising purposes for charities and non-profit groups across the globe.

XPO2 has been growing at a rapid pace along with the growth of the e-commerce market, which is expected to surge further in the next few years. According to Shopify, the e-commerce market is projected to generate sales at $4 trillion by 2020. This, amid the world’s expanding dependence online for almost any possible transaction.

CEO and co-founder at HotelTonight, Sam Shank, said there are three waves that will drive the market forward. These are the growing need to connect businesses to a network in order to send them electronic transactions; internet connectivity that allows users to access these electronic networks for transactions; and the mobile era that allows consumers to make real-time and on-demand transactions.

“This third wave of electronic commerce will significantly alter certain categories of commerce,” Shank said. Making transactions while on-the-go, such as last-minute booking of hotels and restaurants, or ordering food, have become commonplace thanks to mobile devices.

XPO2 aims to capture at least 1 percent of the global retail e-commerce transactions within the next two years. The firm intends to do this by intensifying its marketing and fundraising campaigns through its e-commerce platforms.

At present, XPO2 has a wide network of major merchant partners, which include Walmart, Best Buy, Staples, Bloomingdales, Amazon and Hilton, among others. The company also partners with other organizations and charity groups spread across the world, including the United Pro Soccer League — which represents more than 140 teams — and the Los Angeles Jr. Kings Hockey Club. XPO2 anticipates more deals with possibly several hundred more groups to join its extensive list of partners in the next 12 to 18 months.

XPO2 CEO and founder Dom Einhorn

Of the e-commerce merchants today, over 85 percent already use affiliate marketing programs. By collaborating with XPO2, trusted merchant partners are able to reduce their marketing costs by 10 percent to 40 percent when compared to other marketing channels and initiatives. The firm’s proprietary e-commerce platform, with the discounts it offers, saves consumers anywhere from 5 percent to 40 percent on each transaction.

But to fully understand the nature of XPO2’s business, we first have to understand what a white label solution is.

What is a white label solution?

A “white label solution” is the business practice of purchasing products and/or services without branding, to resell it using one’s own brand and identity.

According to an article published by Forbes, a white label solution resolves the challenges and difficulties of creating your own product, which tends to be the first response when establishing a business. This can be an effective business move since you no longer have to invest heavily in research and development of your own product.

The reseller customizes the product with their own brand, logo and identity. This allows white label product resellers to focus on their marketing campaigns. Meanwhile, the manufacturer can also exhaust efforts in finding cost-effective ways to produce the goods without having to worry his head over bringing the product to the market.

In addition, making use of readily manufactured products allow you to avoid reinventing the wheel and committing the same mistakes others have already overcome. As such, white label solutions have been an enticing tool for startups.

Industries that have seen disruption from white label solutions

Because of the ease they bring to help people do business, white label solutions have been making waves in various industries. Here are some of them:

1. The content creation industry

To affirm your presence in the digital space, you need a footprint in written words. This could be taken in the form of a blog post or a web page. As such, content creation has played an essential role in marketing the existence of several businesses, institutions and personalities that desire to be popular.

According to the Vendasta Blog, research has shown that only 33.9 percent of companies publish blog posts or articles. This, while several companies are scrambling to push their content generation.

Vendasta itself offers digital marketing services. But beyond filling in those websites with high-quality, relevant and timely content, Vendasta also offers digital ads, web creation, native advertising, review management and review responses, among other services that make for a well-marketed website.

2. The insurance brokering industry

Australia’s insurance industry is estimated to be worth $40 billion, enticing many investors for its ripeness in terms of digital disruption solutions.

Ensurance is one company that revolutionizes the sector. The business mainly creates a proprietary platform that brings ease in purchasing insurance online. The firm is an emerging leader in the automating online insurance broking industry also because of its solution that expedites transactions.

The company’s technology is represented by a real-time, online digital distribution channel for general insurance that links consumers to several of its multiple insurer-partners.

The Ensurance Group of Companies engages in three businesses — insurance brokerage, underwriting and information technology. The company offers a range of insurance products that cater to both corporate and SME businesses.

3. The fundraising industry

XPO2’s white label solution is a real innovation in the realm of not only e-commerce but also of fundraising. The company’s white label solution is an innovative way of fundraising, offering deserving non-government organizations the opportunity to capitalize on the global e-commerce revolution. And by deserving, these are not necessarily the big ones.

XPO2 does not prioritize large donation groups, believing that the large sum given to organizations of this scale only go to call centers, high-ranking officials’ salaries or office rents, rather than to people and causes that are in dire need of it.

The firm’s stand is reminiscent of lessons learned from concerns over donations made for several causes through the American Red Cross, for instance. Investigations have emerged how the organization has failed to help victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and those that suffered from the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010. All this despite the Red Cross reportedly raising almost half a billion dollars to provide aid in response to these incidents.

XPO2 focuses on small and medium-sized non-profit organizations to reach out to new donors across the globe. XPO2’s complete digital marketing, fundraising, and e-commerce technologies are free to the non-profit organizations and charities that use its solution. This means the charities, clubs and non-profit organizations that XPO2 supports can earn free money with each transaction, at zero-risk or expense to them.

The firm also selects groups based on the performance and revolutionary ideas they can bring to the society. XPO2 vets for organizations that strive to provide the greatest net social impact with access to revenues through its cashless donation model, consumers around the world can shop for the things they need while supporting organizations that work hard to make the world a better place.

As such, XPO2, unlike other fundraisers, can ensure that donations are given on the ground and will create the biggest net social impact that they possibly can.

Currently, with more than 1,200 merchants across the globe, XPO2 is an ever-expanding e-commerce portal, which allows “cashless donations” to be made in the form of purchases. Through its platform, consumers have access to exclusive deals on products and services where they can save money and support a cause-related group at the same time.

At present, the company has several environmental and social advocacy groups such as Friends of Nairobi National Park, Save Vietnam’s Wildlife, Blue Mountain Humane Society, Saigon Children, and Jim Nyamu (the Elephant Man), among others.

The cause-related tech firm is set to get more aggressive in changing the fundraising landscape. For this year, XPO2 will support over 10,000 non-profit groups to protect the natural environment, strengthen our communities, and transform what’s possible for the 7.6 billion people of planet Earth.

The company said it is looking to raise at least $120 billion a year on behalf of worthy small and medium-sized NGOs in need of vital funding to continue their mission.

“The size of our ambition can only be matched by the passion of our perspective: by supporting worthy organizations committed to achieving the highest net social impact, we are making the world a better place,” the firm said.

With the efforts XPO2 has been bringing into the virtual table, it’s without a doubt that this white label marketer is disrupting the e-commerce industry while also prioritizing to give back to the community. Undeniably, the fundraising sector is fraught with several challenges, which include getting regular donors and raising enough funds to be used in impactful projects. XPO2’s white label solution is a game changer in fundraising today as it enables access to a potentially large source of donations while ensuring that the funds raised go to groups that can make a real positive impact.

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