Biz Tips: Work Your A$$ Off For Your Clients

Biz Tips: Work Your A$$ Off For Your Clients


Work Your A$$ Off For Your Clients

Today I realized something that many of us who run our own business’s often forgotten, appreciating our clients. After an invigorating meeting with one of my team (FG Marketing Co.) and I’s clients, I felt a deep sense of pleasure after them thanking us for the results we have brought them. The most interesting part of this feeling was that it only inspired me to work harder and do more for them. It is easy to brush off clientele and continuously become engulfed by “the grind”, but keep in mind that each and every one of your clients is giving you an opportunity to succeed.

Be thankful for each and every one of your client’s and work your ass off for them. If you take on the responsibility to provide a service or product to either a consumer or business it is your due diligence to do this to the best of your ability. Always do everything you do to the best of your ability. Go out of your way to make moves for those who pay your bills, use your service and connect you with more people to whom could use your business or service.

Don Miguel Ruiz said it best in The Four Agreements, Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret.”

The bottom line is that you only get one shot to live this life as who you are right now. You have an opportunity to impact the world, and if you truly love what you do, never take for granted any chance to do your best. This means that you work your ass off for your clients, for your family, for your friends, your business partners and for everyone on Earth. This is especially true if your business or service really impacts this planet in a positive way. Put in the extra hours when you can, I’d like to say hit it when it’s hot meaning those days where you have extra juice to go above and beyond do it. If you do not, you may just lose it.

FG Marketing Co. Team With Happy Clients ProteinHouse (Phoenix Locations)

It’s days like these after an invigorating, creative driven meeting with your clients when you realize that everyone you work with is a blessing in disguise. Work your ass off for the people you care about, represent and work alongside. It’s these people that truly matter and trust you enough that they hired you. Be thankful for any and all opportunities to grow, learn and bring value to others on this planet.

Skylar Lysaker

C.O.O of FG Marketing Co.

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