Biz Tips: Why You’re Not Growing Your Personal Brand

Biz Tips: Why You’re Not Growing Your Personal Brand


Why You’re Not Growing Your Personal Brand

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Conquer the Macro after Finessing Your Micro

2018 is halfway done, and third quarter is on its way. During the end of a quarter, I sit down and asses my projects. I have two big things going on — business and personal brand.

One to make me money and the other to build a personal brand for the long term. This comes from the insight I got from reading Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk — have a money making machine on the side while giving free value with your personal brand.

What are your current sources of income? Day job, business, or your craft? How are you building your personal brand?

It’s not far from building a business — you three archetypes that you should optimize. The entrepreneur, the manager, and the technician. You have to work your way from the ground up.

The technician handles the grunt work — writing, filming, or editing. The manager works on the scheduling, content strategy, and logistics. And finally, the entrepreneur helms the vision of the brand.

Those three archetypes should work in unison. If you’re missing one of the three, the whole system fails. You can’t execute on a vision when you can’t consistently produce content. You can’t grow when you don’t have a vision for the brand.

In my case, I have the technician side under control. I have published a medium article every day for six months. While that is a fantastic feat, it’s far from completion, it’s only a third of the puzzle.

You need to set a grand vision for the brand. Employ the inner manager and entrepreneur.

Ask yourself:

  1. What’s the end goal of this brand?
  2. What is this about?
  3. Who is this for?
  4. How do we provide the best value?
  5. How can we reach our target audience?

These are questions that a technician can’t answer.

And this is why you’re not growing your personal brand, you are skilled in technical terms, but brands rarely succeed thru technical expertise. Gary Vee is not the best entrepreneur. Tim Ferriss is not the best blogger or podcaster. Casey Neistat is not the best YouTuber.

What made those people huge is the culmination of their inner entrep, manager, and technician.

What archetype of yours needs the most improving? How can you work on that aspect today?

Talk to you soon my friend.

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