Biz Tips: Why Your Website Is Never Truly Finished

Biz Tips: Why Your Website Is Never Truly Finished


Why Your Website Is Never Truly Finished

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I have some good news for you! Your website is like a gift that keeps on giving because it’s basically a 24/7 employee that you don’t have to pay! Don’t worry, it’s not illegal or anything!

Of course, you have to invest time and money at first but once you do it’s pretty much up and running by itself except for one small detail…

Your website is never truly done.

Before you start freaking out let me just say this is not a bad thing at all!

Your website is meant to grow with you so if it was truly done then it means you/your business has become stagnant.

#1) Adding new services

The longer you are in business the longer time you have to perfect your services and realize which services align with you vs. which do not.

Whenever you decide to add new services you will most likely be creating a new page and adding the service to your homepage so embrace the change!

#2) Adding images, events, testimonials


Did you get a new on brand photo shoot and are dying to showcase your new pics? Then you are going to have to update your site! Thank god Squarespace makes this super simple for you.


Events are another thing to consider given the nature of them. Every time you have a new coming up you’re going to need to update your site but again Squarespace makes this process very straightforward.


If you don’t already have testimonials on your page then you 100% should add some because they add social proof, credibility, and trust to you/your business. If you already have testimonials it’s still a good idea to update these as you get more and more from your dream clients.

#3) Testing and learning

Testing and learning are true for anything in business and your website is no exception. Whether it’s your call to action buttons color or your freebie positioning, it’s always good practice to test and see what drives users to take the desired action.

This means that changing things up on your website is not to be frowned upon and is actually encouraged.

Wouldn’t it be so cool if you had a way to see how people were using your site? For example: what areas of your site they were scrolling on?

Well, there’s a tool out there that helps you do just that!

I’ve used CrazyEgg before but there’s a free tool called Hotjar that’s basically a heat map for your site! Knowing how users interact with your site will give you the insight that you need to test and learn.

#4) Blogging

This one is pretty straightforward but basically, anytime you put up a new blog you are updating your site and Google love this! This is why I always recommend biz owners to blog in order to increase the amount of organic traffic their site receives.

#5) Trends

Last but not least we have trends! This one is not as relevant as the other four and won’t be something you need to consider every month but rather every couple of years. It’s true that there are web design trends that come and go so being aware of this will help you stay ahead.

This doesn’t mean you have to completely redesign your site but simply being in the know and making adjustments will work in your favor!

So there you have it! Five reasons why you’re website is never truly finished.

Yes, your website is alive and ever-evolving but there needs to be a balance between tweaking it too much and not updating it at all.

Don’t go crazy and start tweaking things every other day but also don’t neglect your site. It’s all about finding that balance.

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