Biz Tips: Why your Instagram needs a spring clean

Biz Tips: Why your Instagram needs a spring clean


Why your Instagram needs a spring clean

Ok, so I know 2019 isn’t even upon us yet. But, it’s time to get ready for an Instagram spring clean.

Why? Because you want your Instagram to reflect your current status, content quality, and strategy. Not that of last year.

Think about if a new visitor came across your account today and started scrolling down your profile. Would it take long for them to come across a cringe-worthy post that you’d rather forget?

Control your look & feel

Maybe you’ve been following a specific content layout, and have been curating your posts in an innovative way, but only for the last two months.

Well, it won’t take long for a visitor to reach your old posts. Don’t let old posts ruin your current aesthetic.

Not just in terms of layout, but maybe you bought a new camera over the summer and your image quality massively improved.

Well, if your business is a photography business you’d probably prefer people don’t judge your current ability based on your past work.

Of course, there might be some really spectacular past posts that you keep — but that’s just it — if you’re a business then you want to get rid of the fluff and keep only the posts that can convert into sales.

Finally, it might not just be the layout or image quality that you want to maintain, but also the image content. It’s normal to go tweaking your content strategy and the type of images you use in your posts.

But, for example, if you are a fashion influencer that has recently begun to find his or her niche in promoting beachwear, then you don’t really want people looking at your professional attire images.

They’re unlikely to buy from your website if you no longer offer the product they want. In fact, they might feel misled and won’t become your follower.

Outdated captions prevent sales

Say your images still reflect where you are today in your social media content and strategy, that’s great. But, what about the captions in those images?

We all know that Instagram has converted into a mini-blog of sorts, so the text is really important. If you are still plugging the old “link in bio” catchphrase or sending visitors to URLs that are no longer valid, you look irrelevant and incompetent.

This is a simple case of rewriting the copy in the post. But, if you want, and the image is truly still relevant, you could take this opportunity to delete the old post and re-use this image in a new post to try and recycle some of your images as well.

It’s a great example of how cleaning can save you time in the future, by having some evergreen content ready to use.

Tagged photos no longer make sense

It’s incredible the number of times I have looked at a brand’s tagged Instagram photos and questioned why they have not removed it from their profile.

Even if it’s a partner or team member’s post, is that image a good reflection of your brand? Most of the time brands are just tagged so that people can try to piggyback off of their influence. So, why don’t brands remove them?

Yes, it takes time to do that, but potential followers might judge you on this crap — so get rid of it. Those people who post with a beautiful image deserve to be there. Make people work to create high-quality posts if they expect you to keep the tagged post on your profile.

How to get rid of the old photos?

Well, if you don’t have that many photos that you want to delete, you can simply delete them individually.

If you aren’t sure if you want to delete it, then you can use Instagram’s archive feature which hides it from your profile so that your followers and new visitors can’t see it — but it keeps your likes and comments.

If you have a lot of photos to delete, there are mass delete tools out there such as Cleaner for Ins or Cleaner for IG, among others in the App store. Most of these tools are free but have in-app purchases for the bulk delete options.

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