Biz Tips: Why Your E-Commerce Business Needs YouTube Channel

Biz Tips: Why Your E-Commerce Business Needs YouTube Channel


Why Your E-Commerce Business Needs YouTube Channel

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Once upon a time, a good bit of text was all that was needed for a great marketing campaign. Then, with the advent of the internet age and social media, images began to creep into the picture. Even images, though, have been largely left by the wayside as a new contender has moved up the ranks to the peak of the marketing pyramid: the video. If videos, especially videos on YouTube, aren’t factoring into your marketing strategy yet, it’s something you’re going to want to consider implementing as soon as possible.

The Dominance of YouTube

From social media to search engines, videos have begun to dominate the e-commerce landscape, with one video sharing platform in particular making some very large waves: YouTube. Google’s video site is extremely popular among younger generations who eat up gobs of videos on a daily basis. This makes the platform an ideShe’s al place to market anything from shoes to food, games, cars, or even tissue paper.

And we’re not just talking about those pesky pop-up ads that interrupt your viewing experience either. Businesses everywhere are shifting their marketing plans to include the creation of YouTube accounts filled with their own videos. Even the Federal government has gotten in on the action, with the U.S. Department of State’s YouTube Channel boasting a healthy 55,000 subscribers and an impressive 13 million views. As a side note, the Transportation Security Administration’s Instagram account also has a whopping 650,000 followers. For more on using Instagram in your marketing strategy, check out our article here.

In addition, from 2014 to 2015 YouTube reported that it had seen a 40 percent growth in the views of product videos in particular, while one out of every five adults between the ages of 18 and 24 said they watched YouTube videos in order to inform their shopping decisions.

The trend seems clear enough: The world wants to watch before it buys.

Getting in on the Action

The question that remains is how an e-commerce business should choose to get in on the video-happy YouTube bonanza. After all, as is so often the case with the quirky, often finicky world of e-commerce, just because you took the time to create something online doesn’t mean it is destined for success.

The right steps and a proper strategy must be followed if a company wants to harness the power of a successful YouTube channel to help promote their products. Here are a few of the different ways that YouTube can impact your online presence:

Quality Content

One of the best techniques to promote your company is by using YouTube to provide quality content in video form for your customers. As we already touched on, we live in a world where videos are increasingly the avenue that customers are taking to inform their purchasing decisions. With this preference growing by the day, the impact of a quality video uploaded to a company’s YouTube channel can be tremendous.

From “how to” instructional clips and demos to product sponsorships, customer experiences, reviews, and even reminders, the variety and use of effective videos that a company can create for its YouTube channel are endless.

This variety allows YouTube to serve as both a channel to reach new customers with ads as well as a way to garner repeat purchases from existing customers through the promotion of new products. It can also be an excellent way to promote company values and stories. This creates a more relatable element to any business and is proving to be more and more of a critical factor in any company’s success in the modern era.


Another way that YouTube can help an e-commerce company’s online endeavors is by serving as a hosting point for any and all videos they might need. The site is an extremely versatile location to host all of a company’s videos. It is very easy to link to, and you can even embed its content on websites and social media platforms with relative ease and give your company blog what it needs to be successful.

From product descriptions that you might want to place on your website to viral ads that can be shared on Facebook or Instagram, YouTube can be the perfect place to upload a video before sending it through your other online marketing channels for distribution to your audience.

Letting Your Customers Market for You

Yet another way you can wield the power of YouTube to your advantage (and in this case at very little cost in time or manpower) is by having competitions in which loyal customers create and upload their own videos that promote your products. A prize can be offered for the best video and a winner chosen at the end of the competition.

This is not only a great way to get free publicity via the views that the numerous videos generate; it can also create a general online buzz and help with a company’s SEO as their name and products are mentioned over and over again in video descriptions and comments by a variety of different users around the web. This can create loyal customers and even advocates for your brand, and tracking this type of engagement can reveal impressive growth.

The Modern Necessity of YouTube

While there are many different ways to succeed as an e-commerce business in the modern era, the power of YouTube is certainly one of the more obvious avenues for garnering new customers as well as reaching a business’s already existing loyal customer base. Add onto that the fact that a YouTube account is free to set up and maintain, and the decision becomes a no-brainer.

Any company that can do so should take the time to create and curate a YouTube channel filled with videos that communicate product and promotional information. The benefits of such efforts can be an instrumental factor in any e-commerce enterprise’s marketing success.

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