Biz Tips: Why You Need To Implement A “Freebies” Approach ASAP

Biz Tips: Why You Need To Implement A “Freebies” Approach ASAP


Why You Need To Implement A “Freebies” Approach ASAP

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How many emails do you get per day?

If you’re like me then I am sure your inbox is flooded with anywhere from twenty to thirty emails per day. That is at least 210 emails per week!

Our emails are important because it gives someone direct access to the one thing we carry with us 24/7, our phone. It’s basically the same thing as giving someone our phone number (because who really calls these days?) and giving them the permission to contact us.

So what makes you worthy of receiving someone’s email?

Why would someone give you access to their inbox and most importantly their time? The answer is simply in what you can do for them. What value can you bring to their life that makes you worthy of receiving their email address?

This is where freebies come into play.

A freebie is just as it sounds, a freebie, but there is more to it than just being something free. You want to provide so much value to your customers that you leave them thinking:

“If this is what I get for free then I wonder what I would get if I paid for their services/products.”

Freebies can come in various forms but the most common are usually:

  • E-books
  • Checklists
  • Email Course Series
  • Video Course
  • Exclusive Video
  • Podcast Episode
  • Free Webinar
  • Free Stock Photos

I can assure you that all of these work! I’ve given my email in return for all of the above at least once, with some being worth it and some not so much.

Before you actually pick which form of freebie you’re going to offer you have to first think long and hard about what your target audience needs help solving. How is your ideal client going to benefit from your freebie?

This is important to do first so that you can make sure your freebie will actually provide value to them. Nothing is worse than spending hours creating a freebie then realizing it isn’t speaking to your ideal client.

Maybe they aren’t taking you up on your freebie because you aren’t solving any of their pain points.

If I think back to the last freebies I’ve opted in for they were all solving a paint point/need for me. Whether it was “Learn the strategies to increase your traffic through Pinterest” or “Download 15 free stock photos for creative entrepreneurs”, they received my email because they were giving me something I needed.

Now that you know what freebies are and how they work I want to go more in depth on why it is that you need them.

I’m sure you know how important social media channels are for you business but what about your email marketing strategy?

According to the DMA and Demand Metric:

“Email has a median ROI of 122% — over 4x higher than other marketing formats including social media, direct email, and paid search.”

So you can see how important email marketing really is.

At the end of the day, you don’t own your social media platforms or the algorithms that come along with them.

What you do own is access to the emails your subscribers choose to give you, thanks to your perfectly crafted freebie opt in.

Freebies allow you to gain email subscribers and build a relationship with your audience. You basically have guaranteed access to their inbox without having to hope that they see your post on your social media platforms or even worse, having to pay (via ads or boosted posts) to get their attention.

Freebies are the first step to establishing credibility and trust but it’s then up to you to be consistent and continue to deliver value. Remember, it’s all about providing value up front to then have the enough leverage to propose your services down the line.

That’s exactly what freebies allow you to do. To build a genuine relationship with your audience and serve them before asking them to consider you and your services/products.

Speaking of freebies, I took my own advice and created one of my own for my digital marketing studio business.

So if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner looking to create a killer website then download JNL Media Co.’s Ultimate Guide To Website Success! Even if you already have a website (say a DIY webite) this checklist is perfect for you too!

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