Biz Tips: Why You Absolutely Have To Buy Cheap YouTube Views

Biz Tips: Why You Absolutely Have To Buy Cheap YouTube Views


Why You Absolutely Have To Buy Cheap YouTube Views

And how to buy YouTube views the right way.

A few weeks ago, I was in the middle of launching a new YouTube channel for a new podcast. New as in 0 Subscribers, 0 Videos, 0 Views… As with anything, the starting momentum is always the hardest and building up subscribers and views can take years. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the luxury of years. Due to a fortunate position at work, I was going to be able to interview Millionaires and entrepreneurs about their businesses and how they got started for the next year. My work wanted the videos posted on their own channel but also said I could use them for a personal channel and podcast- awesome!

The problem? Well it’s hard to convince someone to take your interview seriously when they say “so how many people normally see these?” and you say “Well uh… we are just starting out, so if I send it to my wife, usually 3 people…”.

I had devised a plan that I was going to buy 10,000 fake bot subscribers and would buy 5,000 YouTube videos views on each video to add some social proof and then try to organically grow it from there. It sounds like a perhaps slightly unethical but plausible plan right? Well not really. After spending weeks paying 7 different companies $2 — $15 for 1k — 5k views and trying to buy 100 subscribers at a time, I got 0 results.

For 2 weeks I waited for subscribers and views on my first video, and after 14 days I was sitting right around 8 views. YouTube had just come from a massive security upgrade that pretty much made all the fake bot view/subscriber websites useless. This makes sense as ad fraud can be a major problem on YouTube- especially for channels that are getting paid per video view.

Sorry this graph is a little outdated… But you get the picture.

One morning I was checking my view count (expecting dismal results) when my eyes popped, my video had over 1,200 views. “YES!!” I thought, “finally one of the bots I paid got through!”. I clicked on the “See Analytics” button to see what location all the bots were from when I realized something strange. My video traffic source showed 97.9% was coming from “YouTube Advertising”, meaning my video was on an ad.

I didn’t think it was possible, but after looking into it, I realized whoever I had paid $12 for 1,200 views had created an ad targeting the UK (those annoying 3 second ads you always skip at the beginning of a video) that had gotten me all this traffic.

After seeing that, I realized that if I was paying $12 and they were a business, they must have been making money off the whole thing- so the ad spend must have been significantly lower. I pulled up my Google Ads account and made a very basic video ad (just linked it to my new video). Three days later I checked on it, and for $4.29 I had gotten 1,100 views on YouTube. These are real people who are finding out about my channel.

You want to know the craziest part? With 1,400 views I got 4,000 minutes of watch time giving my average viewer over 4 minutes of watch time!! Who does that? Who sees an ad and is like “Wow I think I am going to just watch this for 4 minutes”. The video was 20 minutes long so the people that watched the whole thing helped increase the average a lot.

It feels fantastic now to tell everyone I interview that “Yes this will get pushed out to our over 12k Social Media Followers and each video gets a minimum of 1,000 views on YouTube”. While this is still relatively small, the process is infinitely scalable and as my show grows and I make more money from sponsors etc., I am sure I will increase the ad spend and get up to 100,000 paid views a video.

I will be launching a similar ad strategy soon for subscribers and I will keep you posted on my results and how to do it. In the meantime, moral of the story: Definitely buy YouTube views, just do it the right way and you will get some awesome traction on your YouTube channel!

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