Biz Tips: Why Visual Communication is So Important in Content Marketing

Biz Tips: Why Visual Communication is So Important in Content Marketing


Why Visual Communication is So Important in Content Marketing

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Visual communication has become one of the most important approaches using which people communicate and share information. Imagine that you are travelling the world and exploring places you’ve always dreamt about. You obviously don’t speak the native language of that place very well. What if you get lost somewhere and you don’t even know where you are? Since you are not fluent in the native language, you will have no means to communicate to find your way out. In such situations, you can depend on a map; which is a visual content.

Visual communication is a way using which people can understand things very easily. Let it be signs, typography, films, graphic designs, and countless other examples. Before we move towards how visual communication helps in content marketing, let’s get familiar with visual literacy.

Visual Literacy

Visual literacy is referred as the ability to interpret, negotiate and explain the meaning out of still and moving image texts. In other words, it is an ability to identify and understand the ideas which are communicated through visible images or actions.

Have you ever get a chance to witness the developments of an infant up to the age of pre-school? If yes, then you have certainly know how to teach them about the things around you. Infants can identify items like animals, sizes, and shapes as they grow up. The basic milestones of children are reached during the first year of their life.

When they reach the 9-month mark, infants recognise most of the things and parents put forward visual aids so that they start identifying things. Even teachers learn using visual aids in early childhood education. The visual aids help children identify pictures of different toys, colours, places, animals, and other things.

Like mentioned before, visual literacy is a visual skill. Children can understand pictures before they grasp verbal skills. Similarly, the visual literacy plays important role in the interpretation of the message in the form of art and visual media. The internet we are using today has the major significance of visual literacy.

Visual Communication as a content marketing tool

Visual Communication is happening everywhere. Let it be websites, newspapers, instructional manuals, social media and emails. You will find the use of visual art all over. Check these interesting stats about visual communication:

· According to a study by Adobe, the Facebook posts which are using images results in 650 percent higher engagement than the regular text posts.

· Giphy has announced that their platform delivers over 1 billion GIFs a day and the number is growing exponentially.

· According to a Contently report, the time spent per day by adults in the US grew to an average of 1 minute, 55 seconds in the year of 2015 from an average of 39 seconds per day in 2011. And the usage is still increasing.

Following are the three reasons why visual communication is an important aspect of content marketing to effectively deliver a meaningful message.

Faster communication of messages

Do you know? Humans can grasp a sense of visual scene within the 1/10 of a second. Videos and images express more impactful experience as compared to the text-heavy content. A cluttered media will certainly discourage readers and the message included within it will be harder to retain. Thus, readers habitually favour scanning content instead of reading text-based messages. Infographics has always worked when it comes to conveying messages. For example: check this Buying Refrigerator Guide infographic. Inclusion of such images which speaks for itself will always make it easier for your reader to understand things.

Assists in the delivery of a clear and unified message

Many times you read a book and you suddenly realise that you are in love with that particular book. The characters, story and everything mentioned in the book stays in your mind for a long time. Then, the same book later gets into a movie. Now, the novels are typically text-rich content. The use of visual media is very limited.

The text-heavy content provides you with a space to expand your imaginations. When reading things you like treats you with pleasure. But when reading for business, this won’t be the same situation. It is very important for any business that the message they want to convey in their content should be interpreted by all readers with a similar meaning. Otherwise, all the efforts you put will be wasted. Here, visual communication bridges the gap. A short and simple animated GIF or a video can convey a clear and unified message.

Help in better retention of the information

Visuals play an important role effectively in retention of information. The reason behind this is that the images are directly deposited and stays in mind for long-term. On the other hand, words only stay for short-term in our mind. Retention of information is certainly the ultimate goal of any content.

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