Biz Tips: Why Video Is Best For eCommerce Companies Looking To Connect

Biz Tips: Why Video Is Best For eCommerce Companies Looking To Connect


Why Video Is Best For eCommerce Companies Looking To Connect

At the beginning of 2017, less that 10% of our marketing content at ThirdLove was video.

Currently, video content makes up well over 80% of our marketing.

Why the sudden shift? We found that video was a more powerful format than photography for marketing our product. Photography can be emotional, beautiful, and informative in its own right. But it doesn’t tell a story in the same way as video.

Video can be used to show off a product, share a customer testimonial, or even provide a description of a charitable project.

It doesn’t take much — just a minute or two. But with that short amount of time, you have the ability to engage a customer in a way that just isn’t possible with photography.

Video marketing is still very new in eCommerce.

We’re beginning to see more and more companies use video on their home and product pages or on social media, but the medium isn’t widespread at the moment.

That doesn’t mean you should wait to start using it. Video marketing is quickly going to be a necessity for eCommerce brands.

There are several reasons why:

Video is more authentic than photography.

Video marketing is less staged than photography. You catch the moment as it happens, which lends an air of authenticity to your marketing.

I know this from experience. I was recently shooting video content for an Instagram takeover for Bustle. We filmed at my house, and I walked around my home while going through my talking points. But when we got the video back, there were frames where my head wasn’t even in the shot.

After we discovered this, I had to go back and redo the entire thing, because it’s not easy to heavily edit video. Photography is a little more forgiving. It can be touched up with a few clicks and crops.

With video, what you shoot is pretty much what you get.

That’s why when you see a video of a model twirling in a dress, or one of our models wearing a bra, you instinctively know it’s authentic. You see her moving around, and you understand that’s truly how the product looks on someone.

This authentic view is important for an eCommerce company, because your customers are taking a leap of faith by buying something they’ve never seen in person.

Motion gives a better sense of what a product looks like.

The toughest part about buying online is being physically removed from the product. You can’t reach out and feel it. You can’t try it on beforehand.

Video helps bridge that gap.

It gives us a chance to show customers what our product looks like on a real person as they perform normal, everyday movements and tasks.

If you check out MM.Lafleur’s homepage, you can get a really good sense of how this works. The model in their video walks around, sits down, and even dances. Anyone thinking about buying a dress can see how it looks in a number of practical situations.

With photography, the model holds a certain pose, the photographer gets the perfect shot, and together they make the outfit look great. And inevitably, it doesn’t look quite the same when you try it on at home.

Video helps us decrease that dissonance by offering a more realistic look at the product from the start.

You can use video in a variety of ways.

When you first start working with any new marketing medium, you’re constantly testing and learning.

You come up with ideas, try them out, and measure the results. You keep what works. You lose what doesn’t.

You’ll find that certain types of video work well in specific places. For instance, on Facebook, your job is to stop the scroll — to keep people from moving past your ad and onto the next item in their newsfeed. We’ve found that changing the speed of the video, either a little slower or a little faster than normal, is a good way to grab someone’s attention. It’s just different enough to get them to pause and investigate.

When we did our first TV commercial for ThirdLove, we took a lot of what worked from our Facebook videos and applied it to the commercial. It wasn’t exactly the same, but it gave us a starting point for doing something we’d never done before.

Even though it’s a relatively new medium, it’s not something you should wait to begin.

You just have to get started and figure out what works for you as you go along. Honestly, you can use your smartphone and still put together some high-quality video for platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

See what resonates with customers and expand from there, just like you would with any other marketing content.

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