Biz Tips: Why TV + Digital is a Powerful Combination

Biz Tips: Why TV + Digital is a Powerful Combination


Why TV + Digital is a Powerful Combination

Even the digital folks will tell you TV is still the King when it comes to media consumption. Combined with digital, the results can be incredible!

Television isn’t dying; it’s just changing. And it remains unrivaled in its sheer, unadulterated reach, said Daniel Gulick, writing for digital media publisher SmartBrief.

Evolution = Opportunity

Business strategy company Accenture reports that 87% of U.S. television viewers now watch with a second screen nearby or in their hands.

In the past, TV was used most often for branding and awareness purposes. Now, it’s driving people directly from TV to digital.

TV has evolved from a passive medium to an active one.

People see an ad on TV and immediately grab their phone or tablet and head to the advertiser’s website.

TV Leads To Rapid Response

“Not only are viewers responding via digital, but they are doing so quickly after a spot airs,” Gulick reports.

This can provide a wealth of data about ad performance and outcomes.

“Today, TV is a true performance-marketing channel — one that can be highly targeted, quickly measured and optimized in-flight, just like its digital counterparts.” — Daniel Gulick

The “Kicker Effect”

When Television and Digital are working together, the combination of platforms has been shown to increase ROI by as much as 60%, according to an expansive study done by the Advertising Research Foundation.

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