Biz Tips: Why Spam is Bad?

Biz Tips: Why Spam is Bad?


Why Spam is Bad?

Or is it bad at all?

Most of you find spam (unsolicited direct marketing) as something bad and not wanted, but why? Why do we see spam as something bad? Let’s break this down to get to the bottom of this issue.

Spam is bad because it’s not wanted.

I would say most advertising is not wanted. I hate when ads in interrupt my favorite TV shows or music when I listen to the radio. I don’t like ads in newspapers or magazines or those brochures in my mail box and I hate forced video ads on YouTube. So we can all agree that big part of marketing is not wanted. If spam is bad because it’s not wanted then most of the ads are pure evil.

It wastes your time when you have to check spam in your mailbox.

Again as in argument 1, ads on TV and radio waste even more of my time. I takes 1 second to delete unwanted email ad, but TV or radio ads you have to suffer for minutes until they end.

If you don’t want TV or radio ads you can just turn of TV or radio.

And if you don’t like email ads, don’t visit your email box. We watch TV not because of TV-shows, not ads, so TV-ads ruin TV-watching experience even more than email ads ruin email experience. You cannot hide from ads. They are everywhere when you go outside. You cannot just block the whole society and move to desert island, because that’s the only way to escape ads.

Spam overloads email traffic.

Let’s be honest here, email traffic can handle 1000 times more emails than it handles now. There no limit. Same way as spam overloads data traffic, so do TV and radio ads, and ads in newspaper make it bigger and raise cost for transportation.

Sending spam is bad reputation to the company.

So does poisoning the environment, putting chemicals into food, building products that don’t last and break right after warranty period is finished, cheating on taxes, firing employees, having bad work safely, taking production to 3rd world countries and paying local workers unfairly low salaries, robbing natural resources of 3rd world countries, lobbying and paying bribes… The list goes on and on. Somehow same companies to all of the above and then claim that spam is bad for their reputation. That if something is hypocrisy.

Any more arguments? Please add them to comment section and I’ll be happy to subvert them.

As shown above there is no reason why spam is bad marketing, it is a bad and as good any other form of marketing. So why do we still think it’s bad?

Well let’s get to the source of who started a war on spam. Do you remember? Is was the email service providers. And you know why? Well Google, Hotmail and Yahoo just didn’t want that other companies would use their internet space for free. Because when you send emails the don’t get money for that, so it’s a loss for them. Instead of that they want companies to waste money on paid ads that will be shown next to your email folder. How clever. Block free ads, and put paid ones instead. Very good plan to make money.

Demonizing spam is all about advertising space in the Internet. Because spam was used by small companies they had no chance to win the PR war, and they lost. But it’s not because spam is bad, it’s because it’s free.

This went so far that companies lobbied it to politicians and it became even illegal in some countries. This practically the same as hanging homosexuals in Muslim countries. Law is not always correct. Specially when it’s agenda is financial.

Spam is not bad, spam is just free. That’s why its’ hated. The same reason why we still don’t have endless energy and cure for cancer. People in charge don’t want it to be available for public, if it doesn’t make them rich.

So next time don’t use word ”spam”. It’s called ”direct marketing”.

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