Biz Tips: Why Should You Be Collecting In-App Feedback? (Don’t Ignore This)

Biz Tips: Why Should You Be Collecting In-App Feedback? (Don’t Ignore This)


Why Should You Be Collecting In-App Feedback? (Don’t Ignore This)

Why Should You Be Collecting In-App Feedback? (Don’t Ignore This)

Mobile app development sphere is becoming more and more competitive every minute. Not only businesses are heavily investing in app development but also developers are trying to find interesting ways to make their apps more engaging and intuitive. A well-designed mobile app can work wonders for a business but only if they provide valuable features and a great user experience.

But how can a developer ensure that the app offerings are in sync with the user expectations? The solution lies in proper research and first-hand feedback from users. That is why collecting in-app feedback is becoming more and more important for app developers.

In-app feedback provides necessary insights into user behavior and sees a solution from another person’s perspective i.e. the end-users. This can help in correcting the development trajectory in time and deliver a great mobile application that users love.

Realizing the Significance of In-app Feedback

The past few years have seen a rapid transformation and advancements in the digital era. Every single technology that is being used nowadays is focused around improving user experience and utility. To make a great app, it is thus important to be customer-centric. Not only is it essential for survival but for long-term growth, too. In such a challenging era, in-app feedback can help in understanding customer’s viewpoint about a business or brand. Using in-app feedback, developers and businesses can:

  • Understand user expectations and take steps to increase the adoption and popularity of the app
  • Embed new features and make improvements to existing ones for increased utility
  • Track and take action on user experience and provide excellent customer support

Improving Mobile Apps via In-App Feedback

Mobile apps are expected to be agile, robust and highly-functional. In the sea of mobile applications, users have become impatient and look for utility and user-friendliness. Thus, focusing on enhancing the features for value addition becomes more relevant than ever. With in-app feedback, brands can improve mobile apps and take the right step towards engaging users by gathering user requirements and evolving their mobile app, accordingly.

  • Performance Tracking

With in-app feedback, you can keep a tab on the performance of a recently introduced feature inside a mobile app. You can ask users to provide feedback about the latest update and compare the actual performance of a feature with the expected outcomes.

In-app feedback improves the success prospects of a mobile application and helps brands leverage the benefits offered by lean startup methodology. Using short feedback cycles, developers can test out a new feature or concept, collect feedback from actual users or other stakeholders and keep on making further improvements that will enhance the performance of an app.

  • Feature Prioritization

Every app goes through a complex journey that starts with perfecting the MVP and goes to the launching of a full-fledged product. Often, developers are caught by the fascination to do something out of the box and forget to stick by the core objectives of a mobile app.

A mobile app is meant to simplify a user’s journey to buy a product, avail a service or complete a task. Hence, user-centric development methodology should be always followed by a developer. With the help of in-app feedback, developers can analyze usage patterns and ask for feedback from users regarding which feature they would like to see in the app next. This will help in the development of an engaging mobile app that keeps users hooked for months altogether.

Benefits of Collecting In-App Feedback

  • Cost-efficiency

App development can turn out to be an expensive proposition for a business. Businesses, in an endeavor to delight customers, keep on looking to improve their apps and add new features. With the help of in-app feedback, they can understand users better and channelize their finances towards the development of only those features that users want. This would ensure that users keep on using the app and businesses can be safeguarded from costly mistakes due to presumptions about new features.

  • Understanding the User Psyche

In an era of value-driven offerings, it is important for brands to understand their target audiences. As in-app feedback collects information directly from customers, it can help in understanding the target audiences better that will lead to improved engagement. Businesses can leverage the opportunity to collect metadata about users such as their demographics, mobile phone model, OS, etc. that can help in developing user personas for content and digital marketing.

  • Time Savings

Building apps without any market research can lead to massive failures. Instead, developers can engage in beta testing with MVP and get first-hand feedback that can be used to fixing bugs, improving the app, embedding new features without wasting time on developing features that users do not want.

  • Roadmap Identification

In-app feedback can significantly speed up the development process by charting out a detailed roadmap of features that users need. Instead of wasting energy and time on embedding all the features at ones, in-app feedback breaks the process into stages and lets prioritization benefits kick in. By integrating new features in stages, users can a get better hold of the app and developers can structure their development cycles leading to better results, lower costs, time savings and improved ROI.

At Intuz, we believe in real-time user feedback and focus our efforts on building mobile apps that users love. With the help of powerful methodologies, we give user feedback the center stage and create a valuable mobile app for businesses, brands, and organizations in minimum possible time. Dump the haphazard development efforts in favor of value-based development and consult app development experts at Intuz, today.

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