Biz Tips: Why PR Pros Shouldn’t Do Social Right Now

Biz Tips: Why PR Pros Shouldn’t Do Social Right Now

Biz Tip:

Why PR Pros Shouldn’t Do Social Right Now

Hey, PR pros! I’m gonna just straight up tell you that if you think that you can manage PR and social at the same time during this “new normal” then you are doing your company or clients a disservice. Sure, PR can (and does) create content and post it on social media, but that’s about the extent of it. There is a lot more you can gain if you hire a separate resource for your social media marketing to align your company with current trends.

Measurements are not created equal

First off, PR and social are not measured like one another. Furthermore, each social media platform has specific measurements that vary from one to another. There are also many ways to measure social media that PR professionals may not even think about. Most importantly, the goals of each discipline are not the same.

PR and social trends can be mutually exclusive

Trends in PR aren’t necessarily identical to those on social media. Tracking a trend on social may have no relevance for PR and vice versa. There are also nuances in social media that PR would never touch. For example, a company may make a social media post about a current event that PR would never pitch to a reporter.

Time is of the essence

Often times, PR professionals also don’t realize how much time social media takes and how much time that will take away from their PR outreach. Social media content needs as much strategic attention as does PR. On social, practitioners also need to think about which hashtags to use, appropriate images or if one needs to be created, frequency, management of interactions, and more. It literally takes a village to do social media with best practice intentions in mind.

Social can provide you with insight

Lastly, what a social media person learns from tracking hashtags, keywords, brands, and influencers can be useful to more internal departments in addition to PR. Unfortunately, most learnings don’t get shared because startup cultures are not set up for social sharing, but that’s a topic for another blog post.

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