Biz Tips: Why I Haven’t Started Vlogging

Biz Tips: Why I Haven’t Started Vlogging


Why I Haven’t Started Vlogging

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For the longest time, I have talked about vlogging. But every time my mind makes an excuse to not start. There is always an excuse to not starting and I always take it to heart, therefore, I put it off even longer.

Everybody’s brains will make an excuse for not wanting to do something. Especially when it is something out of your comfort zone.

Everybody is a victim of this. It’s normal behavior. You have to be willing to accept that something is out of your comfort zone and dive right in.

Vlogging is definitely not in my comfort zone. But I know I should be doing it because it will be awesome to look back at.

Vlogging my everyday life appeals to me a lot. How cool would it be to have your kids or even your grandchildren watch the videos of you building your business or just living your life one day? I think it would be so cool. My kids could watch me back when I was 20 years old living my life which is just awesome (I know this doesn’t appeal to everybody).

Taking a camera and showing your life is a great way for others to see what you do right, and what you do wrong. If you truly value helping others, what’s the harm in starting a vlog for your everyday business life, and letting others learn from the mistakes you make? Or when your kids are old enough one day to watch your videos, they can learn from the mistakes you made and make sure they don’t repeat those same mistakes. Who knows, maybe they’ll want to follow your footsteps into the world of business.

Vlogging is also a great way for you to learn and adjust from as well. Learn from your own mistakes and improve.

When I do start vlogging, it is going to take some getting used too. I am definitely not comfortable in front of a camera…yet. Thinking about the benefits of vlogging and what it can mean for me and other people (especially my future family) is enough to get started and push forward. Eventually, I know I am going to become extremely comfortable in front of a camera and it will become second nature. Everything requires time. This is no different.

15 years from now, when I’m living the life I always dreamt of, how cool would it be to look back at my vlog and see where I came from? Seeing the failures, successes, and everything in between. Looking back at where I started and where I ended up would be a great memory and great learning experience. Ask yourself: would I enjoy looking back at where I came from and see where I ended up?

For those of you that have thought about vlogging but haven’t started yet, I’m willing to bet that one of the popular choices as to why you haven’t started is because you are worried what other people think of you.

Holding a camera and talking to it while walking down the street can be pretty intimidating. Seeing the way people look at you can make you very self-conscious. Just that thought has held me back. What would people think of me when I’m holding a camera to my face? Would they think I’m some sort of loser?

Getting judged is no fun. You’re going to get judged throughout your entire life. Might as well get used to it as soon as possible, right?

In the case of vlogging, the benefits highly outweigh the negatives (to me at least). Honestly, what is the absolute worst that can happen? People judging you? People saying that it’s stupid what you’re doing? People saying it isn’t going to amount to anything?

I had to sit down and run through all of these possible negatives that might occur with this journey and ask myself, am I really cut out for this? Am I ready to be judged, not just by complete strangers, but my family and friends as well? After thinking about all of the scenarios, I came to the conclusion that I am ready for all of the negativity to come my way.

I am a firm believer that getting out of your comfort zone will lead to opportunities that you never thought were imaginable. And this vlogging journey will definitely test me. But I know it will be for the better.


This will be a fun journey. And one I am more eager to start than ever before.

The more I think about the benefits of vlogging, the more the worries go away. But I know these worries will come roaring back on day 1 when I pick up that camera and start on this journey. It’s just a matter of getting over the fear of doing something you’re uncomfortable with, and maybe, just maybe, it might be the greatest damn decision you have ever made.

Will you be joining me on this journey? Comment below!

Thanks for reading! If you have any recommendations for vlogging cameras, please comment below!

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