Biz Tips: Why Custom Packaging Is Essential to Create a Consistent Brand Experience

Biz Tips: Why Custom Packaging Is Essential to Create a Consistent Brand Experience

Biz Tip:

Why Custom Packaging Is Essential to Create a Consistent Brand Experience

Have you ever dated? If you are nodding, it’s needless to say that you put in efforts to look good in front of your date and to present yourself gracefully. So, do we agree that creating a positive first impression is important? Well, first impressions are often considered vague and trivial, but it really lasts. According to research, a person only takes fifteen seconds to form an impression about a person while they only allow three seconds to form an opinion of some product.

As a product-based business, do you see the importance of capturing customer attention? So, sit back and consider if you will attract customers by wrapping products in a customized and attractive box or by delivering products in a plain box? You obviously know the answer. This means that if you want to attract customers, packaging cannot be neglected, and custom packaging will only enhance the business benefits. With this article, we are sharing the importance of custom packaging and how to create a captivating one!

Does Custom Packaging Really Add Value to Business Sales?

Okay, so we have concluded that packaging is essential but what can crank it up a notch? Customization, of course. In the section below, we are sharing the custom packaging benefits and how it adds value to the businesses, such as;

Custom packaging grabs the instant attraction of the customers. Generally, customers spend time researching the desired product, but the addition of custom packaging will create positive attention. That’s because it enforces that the brand is serious, and customers are important to them

Branding is another benefit of custom packaging because it helps present the brand products and brand in an aesthetically pleasing and luxurious manner. It creates a higher place for your brand and makes customers think that they are making the right choice. In simpler words, no one will remember a random Amazon brand, but everyone will remember the Apple box

The modern era is influenced by social media, and it can help generate sales. For instance, if you use high-quality and attractive packaging, the users are highly likely to share about your brand on social media, resulting in more sales. In some cases, how your brand is perceived on social media can also influence the audience’s purchasing decisions (free advertising, much?)

The customers prefer brands that are operating with moral grounds and a brand that complies with the climate crisis. Keep in mind that your customers will be ready to pay extra for premium packaging, especially when it’s sustainable packaging

Custom packaging is available for everyone, and you don’t have to restrict it to boxes. That’s because you can opt for shippers, bags, and mailers, so choose the packaging options that suit your products

With the use of customized packaging, the shipping costs will downgrade. That’s to say because custom packaging is designed according to product dimensions, so you don’t need to pay extra shipping charges

Strengthening The Business Branding

Nothing screams value for money like providing something extra to the customers as compared to what you promised. It is important because it shows to the customers that you went the extra mile to make them feel satisfied. For instance, you can use a customized tissue paper or adding a “thank you” card with the customer’s name on it. Keep in mind that high-quality packaging becomes an ultimate selling point for the business.

Unboxing Strengths

Who doesn’t cherish getting back home to a parcel waiting to be opened? Sure, you already know what you have ordered, but it still bags the excitement. A well-designed custom packaging will motivate customers to post it on social media. Similarly, custom packaging will spark their enjoyment, excitement, and desires. In addition, it can increase the chances of customers becoming your repeated customers and add a personalized touch.

Creating High-Quality Custom Packaging

Now that you are clear about the benefits associated with custom packaging, are you ready to design such packaging that drives sales? Let’s check out some tips.

  • Make sure the packaging is sturdy and functional. It must be able to protect the brand product
  • Make sure that you align with modern standards of aesthetics and always work on the intricate details
  • While designing the custom packaging, add branding components. For this purpose, you need to work on the materials’ textures, packaging shape, colors, and logo. Every product packaging should be consistent with the brand and across every sales channel (online and offline)
  • Always comply with the legal prerequisites and regulations of your brand location. If you are selling cosmetic products or medical-related products, make sure that you have the important certifications and that you comply with the regional laws
  • Always add the brand logo on the packaging (use embossing technique or hot stamps) to make sure the packaging become identifiable
  • While finalizing the colors for packaging, choose the hues and tones that match your brand aesthetics (you cannot create black packaging if your brand logo is white and gold, right?)

Can Custom Product Packaging Impact the On-Site Conversions?

When the packaging is great, it will speak for itself, set the highest standards of quality, and create a promising purchasing experience for customers? A well-designed product packaging will positively influence the brand value and serve as a value-add for the products. To get more conversions, adding custom packaging on the PDP is suggested, and don’t forget to show off your sustainable and eco-friendly packaging. That’s because these factors show your commitment.

In simpler words, if you are investing time, efforts, and resources in developing a unique customer experience through packaging, make sure to flaunt it (customers cannot read your mind, okay?). When you start mentioning these points, you will be amazed by the spike in-store conversion rates, online and offline.

Now, you guys, it’s time to start packing those orders, and don’t forget to work on the finest details on packaging. So, repeat after us, “high-quality custom packaging adds value to the business!”

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