Biz Tips: Why Content Marketing Is a Big Opportunity for Businesses and Marketers

Biz Tips: Why Content Marketing Is a Big Opportunity for Businesses and Marketers


Why Content Marketing Is a Big Opportunity for Businesses and Marketers

There’s a lot of buzz around content marketing right now… and it won’t be going anywhere. But there’s also a lot of confusion on what content marketing is…and isn’t.

First Things First… What Is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing Institute, the leading content marketing education organization, defines it:

“Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience — with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

The job of content marketing is to provide value to your ideal customer that helps them identify problems, solutions, and answer questions they may have.

Attraction marketing pulls people in through informational content, compared to advertising which pushes promotional content.

The most important thing to remember for attraction marketing to work is that the content is not about, or for, you. It’s created for your audience.

If you understand your audience — their needs, wants and desires — your content will attract the customers you really want, your best customers…

And repel the customers you don’t want, though I don’t expect the term ‘repellent marketing’ to becoming a buzz word anytime soon.

The Secret To Good Content

In order to have good content , it must be…

  • Relevant
  • Educational
  • Helpful
  • Engaging
  • Compelling
  • Entertaining (well, sometimes)

But the one thing good content is not — ‘sale-sy’

While the nature of using content as a marketing tool is not new by a long shot, dating back to 1895 in the form of helpful magazines.

The growing buzz generated over the recent years isn’t without cause…

Technology advances and the information age have created a shift in marketing.

In traditional marketing, salespeople and advertisers had control of information and customers had to rely on these sources for answers.

The game has changed — with information at their fingertips, customers are now in control.

The problem now is too much information — cutting through the clutter and distinguishing between good and bad information has become increasingly difficult.

Creating a big opportunity for businesses and marketers.

With all this information readily available… people are skeptical on who to trust now.

Quality and transparency is more valuable than ever before.

Good news! This is where you can thrive — by becoming the source of quality information that people can trust.

But here’s the bad news…if you’re not that source, someone in your industry is.

Whoever provides useful, educational, and relevant information to the customer seeking answers is the perceived expert… gaining trust and earning their business in the process.

Here’s the bottom line:

Content marketing is not an optional addition to a marketing strategy, it’s now a requirement.

Customers aren’t reaching out to people first for answers, they’re looking for information online as the first step in their purchasing process.

If you’re not providing useful information that’s relevant to them — somebody else is.

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