Biz Tips: Why Content Experience Is the New Content Marketing

Biz Tips: Why Content Experience Is the New Content Marketing


Why Content Experience Is the New Content Marketing

I’m pretty confident in saying that today, most businesses have realized the importance of content. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say that the majority of businesses see it as an essential part of modern marketing.

The thing is, today’s consumers have evolved and are looking for more than just a great blog, or video, or webinar — they’re looking for a seamless end-to-end content experience.

Instead of looking at your content as a bridge between your customer and your product, your content should be an encompassing experience that engages the customer throughout their entire buyer journey.

Looking back at one of the earlier episodes of the Content Experience Show podcast, I see this chat with my co-host, Anna Hrach, as a super important one. We took an in-depth look at how when it comes to content, it’s really all about the experience.

“When we start to talk about the Content Experience it’s not just about marketing your product with content. It’s really about the entire experience.” — Anna Hrach, Convince & Convert

First off, why is it becoming increasingly important to focus on the experience? Well, getting money to invest in content has become a lot easier. In fact, 39 percent of North American marketers indicated that they were going to increase their content spend this past year. But looking back at our conversation, the more interesting stat we uncovered is that we can actually generate 20 percent more sales opportunities when we nurture our leads with personalized content.

While we were chatting, Anna made a great point — and that’s that marketers have the content creation thing down. The question is, where do we go from here?

It got me thinking, how do we start to use all this content? How do we start to make it part of our actual marketing practice?

Anna went on to say that the next level of content is the experience, and how people experience it, and how people consume it, and how we can deliver it to them in more meaningful and personalized ways.

During the episode, we also discussed our outlook on the show moving forward, and how our goal on the Conex Show is to really challenge our guests so that we can learn from them, asking not only what content did they create, but how did they actually package that up to drive more impactful business results in their organizations.

It wouldn’t be a chat with Anna if we didn’t talk about Conex — our conference that happens every August in Toronto. This year, the Convince & Convert team is co-producing, and we’re really excited about it. Together we hope to really drive home the importance of the experience, and learn from marketers about how they’re embracing content experience in their organizations.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear about you’re embracing the content experience within your organization. How have you taken content marketing to the next level?

Looking for more? Listen to the full episode of Why Content Experience is the New Content Marketing here.

By Randy Frisch, President and CMO at Uberflip. Original podcast published on Uberflip.

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