Biz Tips: Why businesses that want to grow should not fear AI

Biz Tips: Why businesses that want to grow should not fear AI


Why businesses that want to grow should not fear AI

Artificial intelligence, better known as AI, has been an emerging disruptor in various industries. Many are expecting automation to play a big part in the future of different sectors, but there are still a lot of worries regarding the technology. One of the immediate concerns of people is that AI will soon replace a majority of the workforce, leaving countless in its wake jobless.

At the other end of the spectrum, experts are saying there is nothing to be worried about. This is not the first time industries are worried about the impact of an innovation or disruptor. Director of Enterprise Technology at Creston said that a century ago, a percentage of people from the agricultural industry were worried when the world began to shift toward industrialization. Despite the big shift, agriculture is still prominent to this date. Moreover, it continues to be supported by new technologies. Instead of replacing the workforce, AI will be used to make workers perform better and faster.

Like most technologies, AI will find ways to fit itself into society, and it will continue to evolve until it meets all standards. For instance, another worry with regards to AI is that it won’t be as energy-efficient as many would think. Like blockchain, AI will need to run complex data that is best processed by powerful computers. This would mean having to pull out all the stops when it comes to processing power.

However, there are already companies who are taking steps to make sure that we don’t need to waste too much energy when using AI. IBM’s new artificial synapses have the potential to make sure that AI would become 100 times more energy-efficient. IBM’s current project for AI is also looking to solve various issues for the technology. Seeing the development at hand, companies should not shy away from utilizing AI in their core functions.

One company already expanding with the addition of the emerging technology is specialized tech accelerator, Digital Arts Media Network Inc. (OTCMKTS:DATI).

In a recent press release, DATI announced that the crowdfunding platform by truCrowd, Inc. ( is now hosting WorkDone, Inc.. “AI With A Conscience.”. This latest addition to truCrowd focuses on machine learning-based automation services. With the help of DATI and truCrowd, WorkDone will be able to further connect with investors and raise funds to improve its service offering.

WorkDone is furthering the development of an AI platform they’ve built, that can be utilized by small and large organizations. The platform itself will be tasked with deploying a digital workforce called “agents.” These agents will be trained to handle various tasks as it aims at saving time and resources for a company instead of completely removing its need for human labor. One example of WorkDone putting its platform to work is with the impressive 3-year contract they signed with Eckert & Ziegler Isotope Products; subsidiary of Eckert & Ziegler AG, EZIP, a leading manufacturer for nuclear imaging reference and calibration standards, and a leading producer of radioactive components for industrial, scientific and medical applications

DATI CEO Ajene Watson says that WorkDone is their first endeavor to leverage crowdfunding since they acquired an equity stake in truCrowd. DATI provides niche opportunities for highly-vetted tech startups to excel, and for everyday people to have an opportunity to invest in the next big tech star. So this means that WorkDone is set to do big things ahead while anyone that’s intersted, regardless of wealth or status, has the ability to own a stake in what could be a future unicorn — WorkDone.

The inevitable is that AI will one day be a core part of how companies conduct business. The best move for companies now, is to look toward the direction of the technology as early as they can.

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