Biz Tips: When is the right time to build your own growth team?

Biz Tips: When is the right time to build your own growth team?


When is the right time to build your own growth team?

While reading my fav growth blogs, I just stumbled upon a great article on how to build a growth team for your startup (kudos to Growth Tribe)

The article writes: “Before you start building your growth team, you should ask yourself three questions:

1) What “phase” is my business in?

2) What am I trying to accomplish?

3) What are my existing capabilities?”

I totally agree.

Are there any other important considerations?

On top of that, if I may add a personal suggestion, something that I have learnt from my past experiences and that I have been suggested also by mentors in this field: before hiring new people, try to work on the experiments with some people that are already part of your team, asking them to dedicate some time to these new projects.

Then, when results prove that a channel is working, and your in-house team is also working almost at the upper level of their possibilities (of course you don’t want them to overcome the limit), it is probably the right time to hire new resources to dedicate more time and effort to that channel.

Another effective and efficient solution, which can minimize your risks especially in the beginning of your growth process setup or when you still don’t feel ready to hire in-house, is the outsourcing of some specific tasks and steps either to a whole external growth team built to suit your needs, or to an external growth person to coordinate the people, in case you want to do partly in-house and partly outsourced.

As the initial article writes: “A growth team can become your secret weapon. After all, as we like to say, growth is nothing, if not a team effort. […] Invest in building a powerful growth team and entrust them in driving your business to heights you’ve never seen before”

Written with love by GrowthHackersTeam — training, consultancy, strategy and a done-for-you team for your managed services built to suit your growth process.

Originally published at on May 31, 2018.

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