Biz Tips: What’s All the Hype About Podcast?

Biz Tips: What’s All the Hype About Podcast?


What’s All the Hype About Podcast?

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I’m sure every single one of you reading this knows what a podcast is. I’m sure most of you have listened to a podcast, and some of you listen to your favorite podcast every day.

It’s no secret that podcast is disrupting learning as we stand right now. And it’s only going to continue to keep getting bigger.

Two statistics that show you just how big podcasting actually is:

In short, the first statistic is roughly one-third of the population in the United States.

One out of every 3 people you see has listened to a podcast.

I want to reiterate that it is no secret that podcasting is huge and is only going to continue to get bigger.


The reason why podcast is widely popular is that they are a time saver. People value time more than almost anything. We all know we aren’t going to live forever, so we prioritize our time to do things we want to do (outside of work).

Instead of sitting down and reading the latest news in sports, we can be at the gym, running on the treadmill while consuming the latest sports news.

Podcasting is only going to get bigger and bigger for that sole reason above. It’s simply a time saver. It allows people to multi-task and get more done in their 24 hours.

Podcast allow people to absorb information in audio form. Look no further than Audible (audiobooks). Audible reads the book to you in voice thus saving you time. Podcasting is basically the same thing. People are relaying the information that they have accumulated with time and are giving it to you in audio form.

Podcasting is also great for the people that learn better from audio. Instead of reading the material yourself, you’re getting the material read to you.

Start your own podcast

Whatever it is that you’re interested in, you can create a podcast around it.

You’re big into Fortnite (who isn’t)? Create a podcast on Fortnite or gaming in general. Have a weekly episode, or 2 episodes a week. Whatever you feel most comfortable with.

If you’re creating a podcast around your passion, wouldn’t that be extremely enjoyable? Producing content around what you know and love is the name of the game.

Build a community with your gaming podcast. Interact with like-minded people and enjoy creating each podcast episode.

Imagine this

You just finished recording your 71st episode of Gaming Central — The Podcast. You’re getting discouraged because you only have an average of 12 people listening to each episode, forever wishing that that number would be in the 100s.

You have been posting new episodes for all 70 previous episodes on your social media accounts (with hashtags of course). You get a like or retweet here and there, but when you post that your 71st episode went live, you receive 11 retweets!

You have no idea why you just received 11 retweets, but you’ll take it.

A few days pass and your 72nd episode airs, you come back a day later and check the statistics, fully expecting that you’re going to have your same 12 viewers again. To your surprise, you see that you’re up to 103 listeners! You get up off the couch and start jumping around in excitement. Then when emotions ease up, you ask yourself why?

Why did 103 people just listen to that episode? You think back to the post that received 11 retweets, you scroll through each person that retweeted it and click on their profile.

You find one individual that retweeted it has 30,000 followers. And it turns out his followers are big into gaming too! This person’s followers are all active gaming enthusiasts and a select few of them (200) give your podcast a shot. It turns out most of them love it! 150 of them become full-time listeners and whenever you post on social media that a new episode is live, an average of 7 people retweet or share your post, steadily gaining a loyal audience.

You even start having some of these followers on as a guest to discuss their favorite games. Brick by brick you’re growing a loyal following.

You then branch out to live streaming on Twitch and start creating YouTube videos. Your audience is all over it.

You continue with your 2 podcast episodes a week (growing your listeners steadily) and stream 6 days a week on Twitch (growing this steadily as well).

One day when you surpass 300 subscribers on Twitch, you receive a message on Twitter from another Twitch streamer who has 100,000 subscribers and says they love your content.

You talk for a little bit and then you ask if you can stream with them for a few games. They happily accept.

The next day you’re both streaming together. Their 100,000 subscribers are now exposed to you. 7,000 of them really like what you’re doing so they subscribe to you. So now you’re at 7,312 subscribers!

A week passes and you receive another message on Twitter. But this time it’s from a different person. The person that messaged you is a gaming company! They want to know if you’re interested in advertising their company on your podcast and your stream!

You gladly accept and the rest is history. Starting that podcast opened doors for you that you never thought were imaginable.


Podcasting can be a very powerful tool for your brand. No matter what it is you’re interested in, think about giving podcasting a try. I hope my imagine this scenario helped some of you see the light. And remember, podcasting is only going to continue to get bigger. Really think about giving podcasting a chance if it’s appropriate for you.

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear your thoughts, so comment below!

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