Biz Tips: What To Expect From Social Media In 2019?

Biz Tips: What To Expect From Social Media In 2019?


What To Expect From Social Media In 2019?

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While some of us are busy with getting the perfect gift for Christmas and planning the celebrations, the representatives of numerous industries are wrapping up the year and curiously peeking into the next one. Companies issue their yearly reports and only the lazy ones do not make their predictions about the trends and tendencies.

Keeping an eye on the prognoses is a simple and effective way of staying up-to-date with the changes in the industry and knowing what to expect from the competitors. Technological advantage provides a lot of opportunities for quick changes, so being vigilant is a necessity.

Especially when it comes to social media. Just think about the commotion that changes in Instagram algorithms cause!

Social media is one of the most dynamic and fast-developing industries, one thing we can be sure about that it will always be evolving. That’s why you paying attention to social media trends can help you to improve content strategy and reach the right audience with the right message.


Taking customer targeting to the next level, companies are aiming to provide “tailored-for-you” dynamic content, that would fit better with specific needs and wants of the audience. That involves deeper consumer and buying journey researches, feedback analysis and understanding of audience motivation.


While video may not be a new trend, it’s potential is still not being to the fullest. Studies show that 74% of potential clients who watched an explanation video about the product did buy it afterwards. This being said, it is surprising how many entrepreneurs and businesses haven’t started yet to use video in their social media strategy and missing out on the benefits of it.


The popularity of micro-influencers is explained by the higher engagement rates, easy access and personalised touch. When it comes to a purchasing decision people tend to trust people more than they trust brands. Such collaborations help to establish reliable connections with the audience and provide high-quality promotion for small businesses and solopreneurs, that might not be able to access celebrity influencers.

Social listening

Listening to your customers’ conversations on social media is essential for the audience research in order to boost your social media strategy and maintain your reputation online. It is the feedback that your company is looking for and it can be used to improve almost every area of your business performance — marketing, customer support, product management, business development. Just like in real life, listening to other ideas may help you to have an “aha!” moment of your own.

Social CEO

There is a person behind every company. By being active on social media, CEO’s help to build the reputation of the company online, create the connection with the audience and make the company look more open and approachable. A personal brand that binds closely with the business makes the CEO more likeable and human-like, not just a person who manages, but who is able to provide personal insights, share expertise and experience with the public.

Social media trends in 2019 are focusing on the personalised experiences, guiding the audience through the buying process and educating them on the way. Making the people the main priority and offering them content filled with value is the key to having a kick-ass social media strategy in 2019.

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