Biz Tips: What the New Brand Discovery Behaviors Mean to Marketers

Biz Tips: What the New Brand Discovery Behaviors Mean to Marketers

Biz Tip:

What the New Brand Discovery Behaviors Mean to Marketers

Brand Discovery Marketing

The ways that consumers gain information are completely different now than before. With a simple scroll down their Facebook or Instagram feeds, consumers can obtain all the information they need about today’s top news or their favourite celebrities or influencers’ social media updates. Consumers can also easily access their desktops or mobile phones and watch YouTube videos to perform product research or comparison or search on Google to find specific product information.

This wide usage and easy accessibility to mobile devices or desktops have shifted how shoppers discover brands.

According to a recent research study by Google and Ipsos, 76% of online users like to make unexpected discoveries when shopping online. 86% of online users look for inspirations or shopping ideas when browsing online.

More, approximately 75% of online users say that they’re always on the lookout for brands or products that are pertinent to them.

73% of online users develop interest in a brand or product that’s related to what they’ve been shopping for after seeing the brand or product’s ad.

85% of online users read reviews, compare prices, or purchase a product within 24 hours of discovering a product.

Moreover, roughly 60% of online users have discovered their favourite brands during:

  • Browsing on news feeds
  • Reading emails
  • Watching videos
  • Going over text on image-based search results
  • Browsing lifestyle website or apps
  • Checking out influencers’ updates

What do these insights mean to marketers? Check out these four suggestions:

1. Invest in SEO

Searching on Google to find relevant information is oftentimes the first action a shopper performs on their phone or computer when he or she needs an answer. This makes SEO a highly important component in a business’ digital marketing mix.

2. Invest in Google and Instagram ads

As mentioned above, many consumers discover brands when consumers are browsing on their social media feeds or browsing on websites. Hence, it’s strategically effective to serve targeted and relevant Google or Facebook or Instagram ads to shoppers who are interested in products or services you offer.

3. Invest in social media strategy and management

Consumers are practically stuck to their phones and social media nowadays. To continuously engage with your audience when they’re on social media and let them know about your newest product, share content about your company news or products diligently.

4. Invest in video marketing

YouTube is a top source for product review and comparison. To let your audience learn about your product features, develop informative YouTube videos that highlight key benefits and pricing of your products.

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