Biz Tips: What the hell is IGTV?

Biz Tips: What the hell is IGTV?


What the hell is IGTV?

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If you don’t know I understand you, it felt like they didn’t advertise it enough (or so it seems to me)

IGTV stands for Instagram TV and it is supposed to be sort of like a YouTube platform where people from Instagram can post videos longer than 1 minute (which was the maximum on IG)

One of the key differences with YouTube is that they are making a full screen vertical video format instead of full screen horizontal format like YouTube which would make vlogging easier and more immersive.

The app is pretty straightforward and feels a lot like the new Snapchat with rotating screens and a discover feature inside the same app.

My IGTV home page

The app itself is still very young and we have yet to see its full potential but it looks promising to say the least!

The integration it has with Instagram is really good as well! So the transition is pretty seamless when using both apps!

This is going to be a place for creative people to showcase their talents and for audio to go bigger than ever!

I am thinking of doing articles in audio format for some time and I feel that doing it there would be a good experiment!

If you haven’t downloaded the app then I highly suggest that you do! More if you like to shoot a ton of videos!

Get on the train while you still can!

I am going to do an update on this article as soon as I use the app a bit more, I will keep you updated!

Much love to every single one of you!

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