Biz Tips: What is the difference between SMO and SMM?

Biz Tips: What is the difference between SMO and SMM?


What is the difference between SMO and SMM?

To understand the differences between SMO and SMM, we need first to understand what each is and how it works. Only on understanding the fundamental differences can you decide which is best suited for your business. Every business is different, and obviously it is important to include both SMO and SMM in your digital marketing efforts! However, this also depends on the current stage that your business is in and the current requirements.

If you are getting a lot of traffic from social media but you aren’t able to convert it, this means that your optimization strategy is lacking. Here, you need SMO because your SMM strategies are successful since you are pulling in a lot of traffic!

In very simple terms Social Media Optimization(SMO) is :

Social Media Optimization or SMO refers to the process of streamlining or optimizing a website so that it can be exposed online on various social media channels

Social Media Marketing(SMM) is :

After optimizing your site, you can focus on sharing/promoting it online on various social media channels for the people to know about your brand, its product and services and generate leads/sales/conversions.

What is Social Media Optimization?

The term Social Media Optimization elaborate process of designing your website and content in an optimum way on social media to attract maximum users. Some of the actions it involves are:

#1 Adding social widgets:

Adding these to your web page allows users to share the content from your website in their preferred social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. By providing them with these options, they can choose to share your work with other potential customers.

#2 Installing social sharing buttons:

This involves placing the buttons to share your content on social media at an optimum position on your webpage. Very often, users find that they do not find the option of sharing easily on the page and hence the train of social marketing gets cut right there.

#3 Initiating social sign-ins:

This is basically like the first step to email marketing or similar marketing strategies where you use your web page to collect user contacts to initiate future engagements with them or to promote further products which they may be interested in. This increases your social footprint and maintains your existing connections.

#4 Starting social interaction:

This is interacting with your audience via social media which improves brand value as well as increases your social footprint. This also helps you with your SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

To attract more users, you need to create good quality content on a regular basis. Also, this content needs to be optimized for social media so that it can be found easily by search engines. This can keep visitors to your websites updated on your news and make them come back for more.

#6 Optimizing the social pages:

This includes your business URL, address, logo, etc. which needs to be optimized to enable search engines to find you quickly as well as keep users in touch with you. Each social network has its search process. Optimizing your social profiles would help you increase visibility.

Social Media Marketing

This is a long-term process in which the business posts updates, conducts campaigns or other branding activities such as customer services. SMM effectively starts when SMO is done. Some of the factors that fall under SMM are given below. You can read more about Social Media Marketing here.

#1 Social media strategy:

Here, the goal is set and the best social networks are identified. Content which is to be posted is decided upon based on the target audience. Documentation should be done for the same throughout the project.

#2 Competition analysis:

This is testing the waters. You monitor your competitors and their actions and then figure out the best course of action for your business.

# 3 Social media content calendar:

It is not possible to roll out content in a random fashion and expect users to follow the updates in that order. Therefore it is necessary to study the audience and create a calendar with details on what is to be planned and posted on what dates and who would be the target audience for each of these.

#4 Engaging with the audience:

Interacting with users is a crucial factor to identify the demands and the shortcomings. It is also very crucial to maintaining a customer base. We need to closely monitor the activities happening on social media related to the field of business you are dealing with.

We can conclude that…

There is one clear difference that stands out from the above points which will help you understand the difference between SMO and SMM, SMO generally refers to on-page changes to your website or landing page to boost your sales or conversions. This means that in SMO you are optimizing your website or landing page for the traffic you are getting through various social channels.

SMM refers to all the campaigns you carry out on social media to drive traffic to the said website or landing page. I hope the difference is clear now!

You need to do a thorough analysis of all your processes and know where the problem lies before deciding to solve it. If your traffic is not converting, there is no point bringing in more traffic, in this case SMO is the right option for you.

If you are not getting any traffic, then SMM is the right option for you!

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Originally published at on September 8, 2018.

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