Biz Tips: What Digital Transformation Means for Telecommunications Providers

Biz Tips: What Digital Transformation Means for Telecommunications Providers

Biz Tip:

What Digital Transformation Means for Telecommunications Providers

Digitally native companies are fiercely disrupting traditional companies, forcing industry giants to undergo a digital transformation in order to compete and, for some, survive. It’s become critical to develop a digital customer experience that creates a personalized, seamless experience with a brand across every touchpoint consumers have with it.

Telecommunications providers find themselves in a unique situation where they serve as the very platform that so many digitally native companies depend upon—powering the phones that make their mobile apps possible. And yet telcos find that they, too, must digitally transform in order to remain relevant.

Everyone and their mother has a smartphone these days and adding account or phone lines is no longer the path for revenue growth in the telco industry. To grow is to retain for telcos—the only viable path forward is to keep your customers happy and upselling their accounts . And this means increasing your brand’s relevancy in your consumers’ lives. But how do you do that?

Become Customer Obsessed

To retain subscribers in today’s market requires a major shift in brand purpose. Telcos must shift from being telecommunication providers to become telecommunication experience facilitators.

Today’s customers value experiences more than products and their loyalty isn’t limited to the signal from your tower. How do you make them feel from initial plan subscription, to renewals, updates, billing, and promotional offers? App messaging now plays a factor in their experience with your brand. Are you helpful or bothersome? Consumers will have no problem muting your messaging—or worse…

Additionally, the customer experience goes beyond their journey from initiation to renewal, and past personalized messaging. Is there consistency across your products—or does this need improvement? The messaging, branding, and account management across your cell, cable, internet, and security products must be seamless.

Many consumers do not have a history of having positive experiences with telcos that have traditionally been difficult and cumbersome to interact with. As a telco, you really do have to reinvent your internal purpose and overcome the reputation.

To digitally transform in the face of this means to become customer obsessed at the very core of your business. Customer focus must guide every aspect of what the experience of your brand feels like to your consumers and design your digital transformation around that.

Digitally native companies have the advantage of having surprised consumers with new ways of engaging and often delighting them from the start. To compete with this, telcos must reimagine the customer journey and surprise consumers with unexpected experiences, as well.

Increase Your Relevancy through Personalization

But how do you do this and become more relevant in your subscribers’ lives?

Beyond providing exceptional network performance, telcos need to interact with their customer base across all customer touchpoints, and provide a consistent experience no matter what channel a consumer chooses to use.

To do this well, it requires brands to create truly personalized digital experiences and two-way engagement opportunities. Powerful cloud marketing solutions, like Localytics, give marketers the ability to glean deep insight into how consumers use their apps, and then create unique offers that are helpful, timely, and personalized to the customer’s daily life.

Many of our customers are engaging with their customers via their mobile app. For example, the mobile app could track when a consumer is nearing their data limit and offer an upgrade or additional data. You could also use geo-location services to determine where a consumer is shopping and, in partnership with retailers, offer promotional discounts if they enter the store. But it also means giving consumers opportunities to communicate with you on the channel of their choice and to do so in ways that make it effortless and easy.

The key is to personalize the experience so that consumers find your communication and app helpful and not annoying. To digitally transform will require a new mindset and redesigning what you can do to be of service in your consumers’ lives.

Now is the time to digitally transform.

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