Biz Tips: Watch What Happens When You Have More Clarity On Who You Are Selling To

Biz Tips: Watch What Happens When You Have More Clarity On Who You Are Selling To


Watch What Happens When You Have More Clarity On Who You Are Selling To

The simple Small Business guide to your best Customer Avatar

“group of people standing in front of food stall counter” by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

To market a product or service properly, the first thing you must do is get clear on WHO your ideal customer is, where they are hanging out, what their challenges are…

No matter what you sell online or offline, defining 3–4 buyer personas is going to help you have more clarity in your marketing efforts, get more results and more sales and ultimately grow your business.

In order to have more clarity on your ideal client, you can start by looking at your sales numbers. First look at the clients that bring you the most money. Some of them are going to buy once a month, but do a large transaction, some of them are going to be repeat buyers that come into your store every day and buy little things. You have to have a persona for each of them and focus on attracting more people that fit this profiles.

Surveys can help you easily discover what you need to focus on. Survey your customers and give them a free gift at the end of the survey. Design the survey so that it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes and don’t mention what the free gift is. People love gifts and mysteries and their curiosity is going to make them want to get the free gift in order to discover what it is.

If you can’t conduct surveys on your customers start making assumptions. Move forward right away and create at least one customer avatar.

A written page is much easier to edit and improve on than an empty page.

In order to define each of these avatars we are going to focus on 5 main components:

  1. Goals and values
  2. Sources of information (how do you attract them to your business)
  3. Demographic information
  4. Challenges and pain points
  5. Objections and roles in the purchase process
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When I worked with my wife on defining these avatars for her cake shop we created 4 profiles:

  • First profile was Lisa, a corporate employee who wants to eat more healthy and wants to grab something to eat and a coffee to drink before she goes to her job.
  • Next profile was Jim, who is a grandfather and loves spoiling his nephew with something sweet after a long walk in the park.
  • The third profile was Andrew, a small business owner who loves to celebrate his employees and each month has 2–3 birthday parties in his office.
  • The last profile is Maria who works abroad and wants to show her love and appreciation to her family by sending them from time to time something sweet.

In order to explain how to create your customer avatars, I am going to apply the 5 main components on Lisa and see what we discover.

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. Michael LeBoeuf

1. Goals and values

What does Lisa want?

  • To have something fresh to eat every day
  • To know that her coffee is good and can ready to go
  • To be sure that her healthy breakfast snack is ready when she is

What are Lisa values?

  • Speed of preparation
  • Taste
  • Convenience

Having Lisa’s goals and values in mind now are much easier to find more people like her, who don’t have time anymore to prepare breakfast at home and prefer to buy something from a local business instead of going to McDonald’s or some other fast food chain. You are going to use this data when you create a new product when you write copy on your ads or website when you create emails and basically when you interact one on one with people like Lisa. If you want to learn more about how to create a call to action for your specific audience click here!

Also if you don’t know what to write in your email marketing campaigns, I wrote an article on the best 8 email marketing campaigns you can use in your marketing efforts.

To market a product or service properly, the first thing you must do is get clear on WHO your ideal customer is, where they are hanging out, what their challenges are…
Business is all about the customer: what the customer wants and what they get. Generally, every customer wants a product or service that solves their problem, worth their money, and is delivered with amazing customer service. Fabrizio Moreira

2. Sources of information

In order to determine how to attract people like Lisa to your store, you must find out “where” your she is hanging out and what she is doing. To do that you have to answer some questions:

  • What books would somebody like Lisa read?
  • What magazines does Lisa reads?
  • What blogs is she visiting?
  • What Facebook groups is she a part of?
  • Where is Lisa hanging out in her free time? What other hobbies does she have?
  • What celebrities or important people does she follow
“close-up photography of United Kingdom dart pin” by rawpixel on Unsplash

In our example, targeting somebody like Martha Steward would not be a good idea. We would need to find somebody local that is interested in the same things. We will look for somebody who lives in Bucharest, where the cake shop is situated, who has a healthy lifestyle and target her in our ads. Also if we are going to use Facebook in order to attract people to our business, we could narrow our audience down to 1–10 miles near our business. This precise targeting is going to help us reach many women like Lisa and grow our business. If we don’t find out everything we can about Lisa we are not going to be able to do this targeting.

3. Demographic information

Here we are going to discover basic information about Lisa like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Children (and children age if she has children)
  • Occupation
  • Level of education
  • Birthday

The last section, the birthday is going to help us target her in our email campaigns whit special offers when her birthday is coming. When designing all your marketing materials having all this information available is going to help you give your work a look and feel. Talking to everybody in your campaigns is very different than talking with a special person who is a female, has 30 years old, is single, doesn’t have children, got her master’s degree, and works in a corporate building near your shop.

The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations. Roy H. Williams

4. Challenges and pain points

Lisa is challenged with…

  • Managing her time in order to include yoga or going to the gym in her schedule
  • Knowing when she eats something that came from the freezer and when she eats something just baked
  • Only eating premium healthy products

Lisa pain points are…

  • Discovering when people are lying to her in their advertising
  • Doing more whit the small free time she has available
The solution to Lisa problems… by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

This section will help you create better services or product in order to fulfill the Lisa challenges and pain points. For example, targeting Lisa online with a headline that says “Are you tired of eating junk food that makes people hungry only 2 hours after eating it?” or “When is the last time when you had time to prepare a healthy breakfast?”. You have to be creative here and find a solution for your ideal client pain points.

5. Objections and roles in the purchase process

Here you must enter the customer mind. Discovering what are some of Lisa’s objections is going to help you address them directly in your marketing before they raise them.

Here are some possible objections for Lisa

  • The time she spends in your shop to get her order
  • She doesn’t know how the products are made

What is her role in the purchase process? This question applies more in business to business transactions. When we are selling direct to customers this question is redundant because Lisa is the person who benefits from the product and actually takes the buying decision. Ask this question only if this applies to your business.

In our example here is how we could solve some of the objections before they appear. Creating a loyalty special program where Lisa can know that her breakfast is ready every day at the same hour. This would involve her buying a subscription service where instead of paying for 20–22 breakfasts per month she pays only for 15–17. You get the money upfront and if she doesn’t show up one day you reserve the option to sell her meal to someone else. Having a service like this also gives your business predictability. You know each month how much money is going to make from customers like Lisa.

In order to solve the second objection, we could install a camera in the baking area or create a glass wall where people can watch how products are made. The second option has a double effect. On one part, people are going to see how you make products, on the second part they are going to take photos, shoot videos and share them online and they will do “word of mouse”.

Word of mouse is an adaptation to word of mouth marketing that I first heard at Alex Mandossian and loved it.

Now you know how to create a customer avatar. What should you do now? Start right now and create 2 different client avatars and create marketing materials for them. When you’ve done that come back and create 1 more. Do this until you have 5–6 avatars created with specific marketing materials and segment your email database (if you have one) so you could address each avatar in their language. This is going to make them buy more often and recommend you to their friends.

👉 Please tap or click “👏to help others gain more clarity on their ideal customer avatar! This way they will be able to create better marketing campaigns and grow their business faster!

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