Biz Tips: Want to Set up Strong Cloud Security Systems? Think Like an Engineer

Biz Tips: Want to Set up Strong Cloud Security Systems? Think Like an Engineer

Biz Tip:

Want to Set up Strong Cloud Security Systems? Think Like an Engineer

More and more businesses shift towards cloud technology because they want additional space to store their data or low-cost space that allows them to scale their business.

Many businesses use cloud services because they’re:

  • Convenient – business owners and their employees or users of the services can connect to cloud-based systems anywhere in the world
  • Cost-efficient – the initial cost of cloud services is low
  • Multifaceted – new types of cloud-based services are developed every year to make the lives of busy entrepreneurs easier
  • Handy backup – which makes it easy to recover data

However, unless your business sets up strong cloud security systems, the vulnerabilities of cloud technology will outweigh its benefits.

Convenient remote access to data in the cloud could translate to easy access of sensitive information to cybercriminals.

Changes in the system to include recent novelties in cloud technology could also create a vulnerability that hackers could exploit.

So, how do you make sure to get the most out of cloud technology and keep the data of users and your business safe?

The solution lies in setting up strong cloud security.

What is cloud security, exactly?

Cloud security stands for policies, applications, strategies, and services that protect your cloud-based infrastructure.

This includes protecting your client’s sensitive information in the data storage or other cloud computing hosted services in software or hardware form.

Reliable cloud security protects your system regardless of the cloud type, which can be:

  • Public – shared over the internet or among different organizations
  • Private – limited access to your business or organization
  • Hybrid – a combination of public and private cloud computing technologies

Who should keep cloud technology safe?

Considering that users get partial access to the company’s systems via the cloud, the responsibility to keep the cloud safe is mutual.

However, as a cloud service provider, you have more responsibility than a customer or employee to keep the cloud technology safe and private.

A users’ part in keeping the cloud secure is all about not sharing their identity – keeping their login information a secret and not allowing unauthorized access to their account.

Providers have to safeguard the cloud structure, physical networks, storage, and resources.

Employing an engineer’s mindset to strengthen cloud security

Here are five ways in which you can think like an engineer to strengthen your cloud security approach:

1- Embrace that anything could go wrong

Engineers have a habit of setting systems in place in case of a potential data breach. The rule of thumb is that if something can go wrong, it probably will.

Small businesses often suffer significant financial losses with a data breach because they don’t expect attacks to happen to them. They’re confident that they’re off-limits as targets and don’t invest in cloud security.

2- Employ zero trust policy

In cloud security, the zero-trust principle comes down to the “trust no one” policy which applies to anyone inside or outside your network.

Zero-trust refers to regular verifications and authorizations. In that way, you can secure your network by regularly inspecting if a certain person has the level of access necessary to get to certain information and systems.

3- Safeguard all cloud-based programs with novel technology

There’s always a stronger solution and better firewall out there that can protect your cloud.

Hackers regularly find new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in systems and cloud security. It’s necessary to keep up with recent developments in the security technology that prevent them.
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However, this doesn’t automatically mean replacing old cloud security with every new development in the field. Upgrade your security systems if it makes sense, depending on the needs of your business.

4- Control access to data

Within both private and public clouds, there are different levels of access for users within the company.

Allow minimal access within the hierarchy because limiting access gives you more control over the data that is getting in and out of your systems.

Also, encourage your customers, users, and employees to do the same. For example, ensure that they set up strong passwords.

5- Preventive scanning for possible issues

Engineers don’t just look for solutions, they also look for problems. Once you have your cloud security systems set up, regularly scan your cloud-based technology for any vulnerabilities.

This ensures you get to the weak points in your system before cybercriminals have time to exploit them.

In conclusion

Cloud computing technology is fairly new. It gets developed regularly to be safer and to accommodate its users and businesses better.

If you have a business, you know that having more space to grow your business is equally important to having strong security systems that protect your cloud from inner and outer threats.

To protect your business from data theft, it’s important to keep in mind that you and your customers can work together to strengthen the cloud security of your systems.

As a cloud-based service provider, you must be prepared in case someone tries to take advantage of any vulnerable parts of your cloud system.

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