Biz Tips: Video injects pizzazz to marketing

Biz Tips: Video injects pizzazz to marketing


Video injects pizzazz to marketing

Justin (right) and Mike Brown created Primal Video.

Those who want to use video to supercharge their marketing can contact Justin Brown. He is half of the Brothers Brown — the other being Mike — who head Primal Video.

Justin has worked with top-level entrepreneurs, helping them create marketing videos for their businesses.

“We’re pretty passionate about video,” he said. “We see lots of people wasting time with video and seeing little results.

“Even as a video editor and producer, we outsource the bulk of our editing,” Brown said. “It’s something I didn’t think would work, but it’s amazing.”

He talked with marketing entrepreneur Madalyn Sklar about how being smart about video marketing helps new entrepreneurs. Having a sense of what you hope to achieve will make the most productive use of your time and efforts.

“Smart video marketing is getting clear on your content and audience before you create the content,” Brown said. “Researching topics and keywords upfront will help get your videos ranking, instead of creating them and then hoping people see them.

“This type of marketing puts you in the place of your viewer and ideal customer and adds value to them,” he said. “So many people start with the videos they want to create, not the videos their audience wants to consume or wants help with.”

Brown contends that video marketing with YouTube is the most efficient way to organically attract leads. It also adds new income streams for business.

“Unlike other platforms, content on YouTube sticks around and can generate traffic for you for years after posting it,” he said. “We have multiple videos on our channel over three years old. Each brings in over a thousand views per day — all organically.

“By creating searchable, valuable content for your audience, you build up a deep level of reciprocity, making an offer or sales much easier,” Brown said. “If you build from the place of adding value to your ideal customers, then they will come. They will find you organically.”

No so fast

He cautioned not to expect startling results all at once.

“It’s not about building a community or engaging as a first point of contact,” Brown said. “You can pick them up from where they’re stuck. Then build from there.”

Just as with other social media platforms, YouTube’s algorithms constantly change. Brown has devised his best way to rank videos and reach target markets even with restless algorithms.

“Research up front,” he said. “Focus on creating videos your audience actually searches for, using the exact search phrases they type into search.

“Find topics using Google and YouTube auto-fill suggestions in their search boxes as a starting point for topic ideas that have traffic,” Brown said. “Give your videos meaningful titles, descriptions and tags focused on what people search for.”

Good techniques start small.

“Create engaging, clickable thumbnails that stand out from other videos so your video actually gets clicked,” Brown said. “Then you can look at the search traffic using tools like Google Keyword Planner to gauge further if it’s a viable topic.

“Canva is a great tool for creating thumbnail images easily,” he said.

Brown has compiled the Top 5 resources for business owners just starting a video marketing campaign:

  • Rev to create captions or subtitles for videos.
  • for video feedback and reviewing with team members.
  • VideoHive for motion graphics templates for titles and bumpers.
  • TubeBuddy browser plugin for advanced tools functionality for YouTube.
  • to find royalty-free music for videos.

Brown has a process for video content creation that stretches from concept to releasing the final product:

  • Brainstorm Topics
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Planning
  • Shoot
  • Edit
  • Thumbnail Creation
  • Upload
  • Schedule Release
  • Create Blog Post
  • Share Out

Not surprisingly, he has a video covering the entire video creation process.

Video editing can be a lot of work, even with limited resources. Brown recommended several tools to help those using only cellphones:

  • PowerDirector or Kinemaster for video editing on android.
  • LumaFusion or Kinemaster for editing on iOS — or iMovie for basic editing.
  • FilmR for basic portrait video editing — like Instagram Stories — on iOS or android.
  • Videoshop also is good.

Brown recommended these stock video sites for royalty-free stock footage:

“Make sure you always check the license use rights for each provider and each video clip to save any issues at a later date,” Brown said.

He and Sklar added greater detail on the topic in a Facebook Live conversation.

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