Biz Tips: Understand the Pinterest user and why you should be using it in 2018

Biz Tips: Understand the Pinterest user and why you should be using it in 2018


Understand the Pinterest user and why you should be using it in 2018

Pinterest is a platform I think is too often overlooked when people think about marketing. The platform is huge and has a great potential. But before you jump into creating content and spending money on ads for Pinterest you need to understand who you will be talking to.

This article includes everything you need to know about the people of Pinterest. From demographic to behavioral tendencies. So you can start marketing your art, brand or blog there too.

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool. By nature it is much less focused on the single user, but rather on collections of content or the search tool. Your first page is made up by content the app thinks you will be interested in, or searches, boards and users you follow. This is much different from for example instagram where your main feed consists of content from the users you follow + the occasional ad.

Pinterest, like instagram, is a visual platform. Meaning people care first about the picture they see then at the content. Which is why for example when people look for recipes to try they will choose the one with the best visuals. If you nail that, you got the attention on Pinterest.

Second of all it’s interesting to know that 80% of the users on Pinterest are women. And over 50% are between 25 and 45 years old.

People go on Pinterest looking for inspiration. Whether it is for home decor, tonights dinner or their wedding. So it is a good opportunity for you to put your work/ products in front of people who are actively looking for something new to try or be inspired by.

I think if you are an artist, clothing brand, DIY blog or Food blog Pinterest is a must. It should not be a question of whether or not you are on it because the platform is so specifically niched towards these categories.

If you just decided to start your Pinterest account then I recommend that you check out this blog post on how she grew her Pinterest from 7k to 100k monthly viewers in 2 months. Cath includes all the must haves for a great Pinterest profile.

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