Biz Tips: Top Google Searches in 2018 Won’t Make You as Sad as You Thought

Biz Tips: Top Google Searches in 2018 Won’t Make You as Sad as You Thought

Biz Tip:

Top Google Searches in 2018 Won’t Make You as Sad as You Thought

It is hard to believe that Google has been around for 20 years, and it is even more difficult to remember what I was searching for in 1998. Even if I did remember, it would definitely be too embarrassing to share my top searches. Let’s just say it was “MapQuest” or something. Either way, it was so exciting that Google! had an exclamation point in its logo.

The way the search engine and the company itself functions today was unfathomable in 1998. Did you think “wow, this is cool! One day that Google will pretty much rule the world!”? Probably not. But much like the Big G, the way we search and what we search for online is always changing. This week Google shared what I assume to be curated list of top search terms, as it does not make me immediately question my faith in humanity.

Image: Think With Google

From the royal wedding to the world cup to the billion-dollar Lotto jackpot, what we search is a reflection of our lives. As we head off into the holidays, let’s take a look at Google’s insight into the results of search in 2018.

From Think with Google:

The things people search for provide a road map of sorts for marketers, showcasing exactly when, where, and how people want assistance. In 2019, the most successful marketers will begin to predict what people want.

“Today’s consumers expect more. They want assistance at every step,” Jason Spero, VP of global performance solutions at Google, wrote in an article this year. “Therefore, as marketers, we need to be one step ahead of our customers — it’s time to start predicting their needs regardless of where they are in their journey.”

As we head into 2019, people’s expectations will continue to rise. They’ll ask increasingly detailed questions and expect brands to provide answers that are tailored just for them. Ultimately, it will be the brands that are deemed truly helpful that will rise above the competition.

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