Biz Tips: Top 10 Publications on Medium in 2018

Biz Tips: Top 10 Publications on Medium in 2018


Top 10 Publications on Medium in 2018

Based on the total number of followers they’ve acquired.

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This is the list of top publications on Medium ranked by the total number of followers they’ve acquired according to


Stories worth reading about programming and technology from open source community.

Category: Technology

Subscribers: 513,226

Growing by: 444.5 Followers Per Day

#2. The Mission

Publish stories, videos, and podcasts to make smart people smarter. You can subscribe to their newsletter to get them on

Category: Technology

Subscribers: 501,924

Growing by: 227.4 Followers Per Day

#3. The Economist

Insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology, books and arts.

Category: Politics

Subscribers: 407,895

Growing by: 16.3 Followers Per Day

#4. Hacker Noon

How hackers start their afternoons.

Category: Hackathons

Subscribers: 405,281

Growing by: 363.2 Followers Per Day

#5. Personal Growth

Sharing ideas and experiences.

Category: Life

Subscribers: 403,130

Growing by: 192.9 Followers Per Day

#6. The Startup

Medium’s largest publication for makers.

Category: StartUp

Subscribers: 397,511

Growing by: 344.5 Followers Per Day

#7. Startup Grind

The life, work, and tactics of entrepreneurs around the world. Welcoming submissions on technology trends, product design, growth strategies, and venture investing.

Category: Entrepreneurship

Subscribers: 365,171

Growing by: 100.5 Followers Per Day

#8. Twitch Blog

The Official Blog.

Category: Twitch

Subscribers: 326,814

Growing by: 342.6 Followers Per Day

#9. The Washington Post

News and analysis from around the world. Founded in 1877.

Category: News

Subscribers: 304,507

Growing by: 14.3 Followers Per Day

#10. The Coinbase Blog

Learn about working at Coinbase.

Category: Ethereum

Subscribers: 289,685

Growing by: 218.1 Followers Per Day

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