Biz Tips: Top 10 creative Mobile App marketing strategies

Biz Tips: Top 10 creative Mobile App marketing strategies


Top 10 creative Mobile App marketing strategies

We are living in a world full of mobile apps. None of us can even imagine our single day without mobile applications.

Hundreds of apps are developed and registered every single week. However, most of them fail to achieve success this results in a total waste of precious time and hard earned money.

The main reason behind their failure is that these apps fail to gain users attention because of improper marketing strategies.

When developing a mobile application, it is crucial to follow the latest mobile app development trends.

The app should be well designed, and it must also work seamlessly without any lags or bugs.

However, without creative marketing strategies, it will never going to be noticed by your targeted user and will ultimately fail no matter how useful the application is.

If you are someone who is planning to design a mobile app and you want it to be successful, then you are in the right place.

Listed below are top ten creative marketing strategies for a mobile app.

Invest a good time in research

The very first thing to do when it comes to successful mobile applications is research. Invest as much time as possible in researching and knowing the latest trends for that particular kind of application.

Every mobile app is not the same a business application is different from a food delivery app and so on. Therefore the latest trends of the business app are different from a food delivery app. So make sure you are going on the right track.

Launching a beta version

Launching a free beta version of the app before releasing the real one is a great way to gain audience attention. Everyone likes to try things before buying it.

A beta version of the app is just going to work in the same way. Another benefit of launching the beta version is that you can make the necessary changes to the real application based on its feedback.

Start your marketing before the launch

The marketing campaign should start much before the app launch. It is not a good idea to start it after you have launched the real application.

Your marketing campaign or advertisements should be in such a way that it makes the user to eagerly wait for the release date.

Marketing is the most important step. It decides whether your app is going to be successful or not. Therefore it should be performed very well. Taking the help of professionals or celebrities also works wonders.

Find a suitable app developer

iOS app development is not as easy as it looks. Finding and developer who is capable of delivering quality works and is able to fully understand your needs or requirements are not going to be easy. Always do good research before finalizing the developer. Never blindly trust anyone.

Target blogs

Once your dream app is ready now is the time for some blogging. Blogs are a great way to get your application noticed by people.

You can briefly write about the application along with its features and how it is going to benefit its users in the blogs and can ask for their review.

It might don’t sound really good, but when it comes to marketing, you just cannot ignore any single thing. That’s the only possible way to get extraordinary results.

The power of social media

Interesting things spread like wildfire on the social networking sites. You can take the help of popular social media platforms for advertising your app on a large-scale.

Social media know no boundaries and is used by millions of people from around the world regularly this makes it one of the best marketing platform. Advertise the app by posting videos or article explaining your application, and it’s usage on social sites to gain people’s attention.

Talking about product USP

Market your app in such a way that it can educate your app users about the USP of the app. First, make a list of all important questions like What new with your app? How it is better than other applications of similar kinds etc.

Be really creative while answering these questions. This way you can make your targeted customers start trusting in your application.

Focus on KPIs

Running a marketing campaign with a team of professionals may be confusing sometimes. What happens here is every member of the team will suggest unique ways and direction for the campaign.

However, taking the campaign in many different directions is not advisable, and it will only lead to app failure. So focus on that one direction which looks ideal and better than the others.

Building your online presence

In the world of internet, it takes some time to build your own presence. Hence it is advisable to invest some time in building your online presence.

Find innovative ways to drag your audience attention towards the services you are offering. Make sure you have wide online presence and is known by a large group of people before launching the app.

Post-launch referral marketing

Referral marketing is an old technique. Yes, you are right, but on the other hand, it is still a very effective form of marketing. Referral marketing is still very effective because it works in a unique way.

Everyone trust on the recommendation that comes from someone they actually know. The same is true for mobile app.

A user will surely download and use the app if the referral comes from one of his friends or family member because he trusts that person. This way referral marketing works wonders as a post-marketing campaign.

Author Bio :- Rahul Som is a CEO and co-founder of Hopinfirst, one of the top Mobile App development Company which provide best iPhone app development and Android app development Services. Rahul is passionate about Startups, Technology and management and blogs frequently on the topics.

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