Biz Tips: To be or not to be authentic

Biz Tips: To be or not to be authentic


To be or not to be authentic

For as long as technology has surfaced, grabbing attention has proved to become more challenging with time, with increasing pollution and flooding of content everywhere, the average person’s attention span seems to be withering in search of something interesting and trustworthy.

Today’s audience is wise, intelligent and frankly, have had enough of boring old-paced content marketing strategies. So what exactly does authenticity have to do with this?

In a typical conventional marketing scenario, the audience is assumed to have very less or close to none brainpower as to why they are pitched anything by clearly shoving it into their faces with claims that are often unauthentic or straight up lies.

This type of persuasion often leaves them feeling less valued and strips their trust off of content marketing altogether, unintentionally forcing them in a bubble that showcases advertising/marketing as never authentic.

Why exactly does authenticity often lie so down below in the content creation priority list? Where ‘authentic’ is sure to be true, ‘authentic’ is also boring in the same trajectory.

Some creators let it be this way and opt for unauthentic measures to convince their consumers, others try and work around the idea, keeping it as transparent as possible and yet involving some means to win their consumers over. Therefore, little exaggeration never hurts anybody, now this is where performance and presentation come in.

Performances do outweigh being authentic by a huge margin, but that’s nothing that can’t be solved with some understanding and change of courses.

They both can work hand in hand to produce the best of works, provided they are in the right hands. One thing a performance never should be is it must never incorrectly deceive or persuade.

This is how content marketing steps it up (well if you’ve seen the real deals in the game, you’d surely know). The best of performances are in which you are being true to your consumer/audience’s values and traditions, as cliché as it may sound, the best content is also the most compassionate one, as you would have noticed in the field.

Learn and understand what people need and provide an experience as close to those needs, with a little drama here and there to emphasize on the point, thus making you authentic naturally.

How is this authenticity achieved? This type of comfortability in delivering ideas is not attained as easily as mentioned above, which is exactly why only so many can do it so effortlessly, as it takes years and years to excel performance-wise and understand the audience’s psychology and needs, which can only be done once you set aside conventional motives and be considerate.

The answer lies within you, how you want to create your image. Nothing is ever exactly right or wrong in this case. You yourself set the line and carry on forward from there.

Let’s now move away from the conventional part to the compassionate part. It’s always easier to hide behind a mask, a lot harder to put yourself out there and be vulnerable, which doesn’t always end up as scary as portrayed by the masses.

More often than not, the audience may not feel in awe for your content but deeply feel in love with the courage it took you to put yourself out there, because that’s something they wish for themselves.

Everybody fantasies a level of confidence he or she can flaunt comfortably, and if you can serve others too while being that, well you’re considered awesome and authentic and trustworthy and much more I’m sure.

But let’s get to the point.

1. Categorize yourself wisely and precisely

This also ensures your key audience and their relative interests. Try and stay in that line of interest, as deviating away from that may cause the reader to lose interest.

2. Prioritize their interests

Mainly determine the information they need and will most likely react to, make a list and focus on the ones you can cater to. Write and organize that information in a neat and compelling manner.

3. Brainstorming is the key

Before starting any material, make sure you brainstorm and save all the ideas. Nip tucks can be done later in the organizing phase. Keep a keen eye out for the irrelevant details and keep deducting them as you go.

4. Make sure your facts and figures are sorted out

You don’t want an amazing piece of work gaining negative recognition because you were lazy and didn’t do your research right.

5. Develop a level of trust

Share your experiences as much as you can in your writing to build a level of trust which the audience can relate to, this will naturally draw their attention towards you. Built on this trust, it’ll help you build on your following.

6. Always reread, recheck, reread, recheck and then deliver

It’s such a minute step, but oh so important. This can take your content to the next level if you keep putting in the effort to improve again and again. It’s up to you here on-wards, how exceptional you want it to be.

There it is, as summarized as it gets. Build upon these key points or deduct to your needs, but the essence stays the same.

Today, content creators have the advantage of reaching out to their audience directly without the involvement of any third parties and their restrictions.

I think we don’t understand the responsibility this comes with and therefore clutter the content market. With this clutter, we get another advantage, to be authentic and stand out naturally rather than trying so hard and miserably losing our target.

Be genuinely understanding, and not just seem to be. This along with your hard work will help you tell stories that will touch the heart of everyone.

Your performance and presenting skills amidst all mentioned above matters the most. Your style of delivering is what will set you apart or get you lost. So be wise and charming.

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