Biz Tips: Tips for Small Bathroom Remodeling

Biz Tips: Tips for Small Bathroom Remodeling


Tips for Small Bathroom Remodeling

Tips for Small Bathroom Remodeling

If you possess a small bathroom in your apartment then setting up all the required things in its space is like solving a huge crossword puzzle. The number of challenges starts from the placement of features to easy foot traffic passage. To make you feel comfortable, we are presenting you the following tips to remodel your small bathroom.

1. Corner Sink

As the space of your bathroom is less, any extra feature can obstruct the only available foot traffic passage. Homeowners usually opt for the pedestrial sink in their bathroom. However, the corner sink is the most effective choice for small bathroom remodeling as it covers a comparatively less space and does not disrupt anyone in the middle. Moreover, the cleaning of the sink placed at the corner is found to be an easy process.

2. Shower Curtain

Installing a shower curtain will enable you to save space that will be covered by the opening of the shower door inwards or outwards. Moreover, you can also drag these shower curtains at the time when nobody is having a bath to have a larger space. These shower curtains also have customized designs and patterns that will improve the appearance of your bathroom.

3. Skylight

If the bathroom of your home or apartment does not have the luxury of a window then installing a skylight would serve the purpose. Through that, you will not only attain a brighter bathroom experience but will also save space and energy bills cost spent on lighting fixtures. The wall space that was going to be covered by lights can be used for other features such as a mirror, hooks or hangers.

4. Floating and Round Vanity

Look for a vanity that gets installed by connecting only with the wall will provide you a storage space underneath. Moreover, while performing small bathroom remodeling you cannot ignore any kind of edges in the midway. Therefore, look for the vanity or customize its edges in round shape if you have ordered to a carpenter so that it does not hurt anyone.

5. Sliding Door

Entrance door often causes an annoying feeling for the homeowners having a small bathroom by occupying space. The solution to this is to install a sliding door which will not use the internal space and creates a refreshing feeling for the users. Apart from the entrance door, you can also utilize these sliding doors in place of the existing shower door. Overall, it is an affordable small bathroom remodeling feature with a larger impact.

6. Features with Storage

Make sure that every featurytfe in your bathroom has some extra advantages too. As in small bathrooms, the most important issue is the capacity and volume, look for features of the bathroom that have some storage space with them. For example, you should choose a mirror that has shelves or drawers attached to its surface.

7. Color Combination

The selection of the color regarding all the features of the bathroom has utmost significance. First, if you choose, dark color for accessories such as knobs, door handles and drains then it will be easy to maintain and clean. However, your wall color must be light, because a light or bright color provides a feeling of the extended space as compare to dark color.

The small area of your bathroom is no doubt a headache for homeowners in many ways. However, if you plan small bathroom remodeling wisely and by following our advice, you will definitely experience a feeling of change and freshness in your mind.

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